How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 07 2019

'Blue' singer Rimes leann
'Creep' group, 1994 tlc
'Don't wanna' nah
'Get the point?' see
'Lost Horizon' director Frank capra
'Nature's most perfect food,' per Garfield lasagna
'Quit crying about it!' hush
'The Age of Innocence' co-star Winona ryder
'Thor' villain loki
'What a Carve Up!' author Jonathan coe
'What a performance!' ooh
'___ bien' esta
'___ but a scratch' (line from the Black Knight after losing his arm, in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail') tis
2008 NBA champ celtic
Absence of tautness slack
Acrobat file pdf
Act the vagabond rove
Aide: Abbr asst
And so on, briefly etc
Apt to collapse ramshackle
Augment addto
Baba ___ (Gilda Radner character) wawa
Become hot, so to speak trend
Bloody mary garnish lime
Blues singer James etta
Boomer employed since the 1860s? dynamite
Bring about induce
Bunker of 1970s TV edith
Camping snack smore
Carne ___ parrilla (meat dish) ala
Carrier of the heavens atlas
Caused ledto
Chuck toss
Close, as 'the end' nigh
Colombian couple? dos
Component of some splits ninepin
Composition of some castles ice
Cord of tissue tendon
Courageous stouthearted
Declaration about free booze, and a hint to this puzzle's theme drinksareonthehouse
Demonstrate fallibility err
Difficulty in achieving one's dreams? insomnia
Disc involved in a jump checker
Discovers learns
Driveway-clearing tools snowshovels
Duct for exhaust gases flue
Ease up, with 'up' let
Edible root parsnip
Electronic piano maker casio
Energetic circle dance hora
Ersatz sham
Fan admirer
Feel remorse for rue
Fertilizer stuff potash
Fields Medal, e.g award
Food Network host Krieger ellie
Force out of position dislodge
Fully developed ripe
God served by the Furies hades
Gordie with 801 goals howe
Gyeongbokgung Palace city seoul
Had chips, say ate
He allowed the O.J. trial to be televised ito
Hurdles before the bar exam, briefly lsats
Is idle lazes
It means 'choose' with or without a starting S elect
Jacks beat them in war tens
Keyboard shortcut for switching between applications alttab
Krabappel of cartoons edna
Late-night meal spot diner
LCD component least
Less remote nearer
Like human eagles legal
Like museum relics old
Lotus positions? dealerships
Made a vow promised
Mark of a deep cut scar
Matilda's creator dahl
Maximum cap
McKinley from Ohio ida
Mole's fur color, often taupe
Morsel on a vine grape
Mutton fat suet
Nunatsiavut people inuit
On a destroyer, say asea
Operatic tenor Gedda nicolai
Opposite of 31 Across ashore
Otter space zoo
Painkiller that interferes with the blood's clotting action aspirin
Part of a martini glass stem
Place where somebody might drop their pants laundrychute
Plundering one pillager
Political blogger Moulitsas markos
Pollute taint
Prelude or étude, e.g piece
Recall problem amnesia
Renaissance setting in America harlem
Reverent one's state awe
Rise up ... way, way up soar
Ruler exiled in 1979 shah
Sean of 'The Goonies' astin
Security org. until 1991 kgb
See 52 Across tan
Shaker stuff salt
Showing good posture erect
Site of a low ring toe
Slang term for beer suds
Soft-shell item, maybe taco
Soft-shell item, maybe clam
Sorority letter phi
Sorority letter eta
Sound represented by three letters trigraph
Sources of textiles mills
Speak monotonously droneon
Speckled horse roan
Spy org. on 'Chuck' cia
Square dance dancer gal
Star of 'Venus' otoole
States stances opines
Stieg Larsson, Zara Larsson and others swedes
Takes out the middle 'man' in 'odd man out,' say erases
Target of kettlebell fly exercises, briefly pec
Texas ___ (petroleum) tea
The Sith, to the Jedi enemies
They get lit during the holiday season menorahs
They may be arranged in a spiral stairs
Topic of proselytization sin
Transcription item stenopad
Treasure adore
Update, as a statute amend
Water down weaken
What a criminal may assume alias
What George W. Bush called himself in 2006 when opting to keep Donald Rumsfeld as his secretary of defense thedecider
When SNL ends, in D.C oneam
With 126 Across, 'The Kitchen God's Wife' author amy
Wrap that you can't buy at a food truck toga
Writer Calvino whose first name is one letter off from his home country italo
___ Alto palo
___ d'Or (film prize) palme
___ engineer audio
___ Lovelace Day (day highlighting the accomplishments of women in science) ada
___ syrup corn
'As I Lay Dying' father anse
'Beat it!' scat
'Buddenbrooks' author mann
'College Football Live' channel espnu
'East of Eden' director Kazan elia
'Get Shorty' novelist __ Leonard elmore
'Help!' sos
'Later' seeyou
'Nice apple tart, Christopher'? goodpiecolumbus
'O patria mia' singer aida
'Rhyme Pays' rapper icet
'The West Wing' actor alda
'The __ Witch Project' blair
'This __ working' isnt
'You've made the Heath bar perfectly!'? thatsarealtoffee
'Yum!' tasty
'__ Day': 1993 rap hit dre
Absurd inane
Agitate rile
All the rage hot
Alpine transport tbar
APO mail recipients gis
Appear that way seemso
Bacon portion strip
Barn bundle bale
Beams rays
Bedouin, e.g nomad
Biblical language aramaic
Big name in kitchen foil alcoa
Big party gala
Blows it errs
Boris Godunov, for one tsar
Both: Pref ambi
Boy with a bow cupid
Brio elan
Broadcast sign onair
Buckwheat porridge kasha
Bullies hectors
Bygone Ford ltd
Campaign trail pro pol
Carpenter's need sander
Cause of a stir? teaspoon
Centers of activity loci
Chinese menu possessive tsos
Chip away at erode
Classification between family and species genus
Clutter mess
Coil of yarn skein
Contest with picadors corrida
Corrupt taint
Cram, with 'up' bone
Damage mar
Does a reception job caters
Double curve ess
Doubtful story fable
Draft pick ipa
Dudley's toon foe snidely
Dull gray, as winter skies leaden
Dumbfounded agasp
English assignment theme
Enjoy a view from on high soar
Env. enclosure ltr
Exist are
Expert guru
Expert maven
Fat, e.g lipid
Final roadside stop for an eggy treat? custardslaststand
First-rate aces
Fishhook fastener snell
Flips (through) leafs
Focus of an heir war? estate
Food at a bar salad
Give birth to have
Golden Triangle country laos
Grammar topic usage
Grasping tool pliers
Hair holders snoods
Half of quatorze sept
Head lock tress
Henry James biographer Leon edel
Hindustani language urdu
HuffPost owner aol
Ice cream order toppings? sundaesupplements
Informed about upon
Iron and zinc metals
It's sometimes enough once
Italian almond biscuits amaretti
Kate of 'The Martian' mara
Kopf, across the border tete
Krispy Kreme rep's agenda? doughnutcalllist
Langston Hughes poem itoo
Light-seeking flier moth
Like plastic pink flamingos kitschy
Like some quotes: Abbr anon
Long, long time eon
Medicinal plants sennas
Metaphorical fate of a hatchet? burial
Mortise inserts tenons
Ness, for example loch
NFL six-pointers tds
Nutritious beans soyas
NYSE debut ipo
One of two in seven: Abbr syl
One tweaking pitches tuner
One washing off the driveway hoser
Only part of Egypt in Asia sinai
Ostentatious splashy
Paid male escort gigolo
Pale wan
Passes enacts
Plus-size supermodel emme
Prefix with phobia acro
Preserve, in a way salt
Prof's aides tas
Q.E.D. part erat
Query in Matthew isiti
R&B group __ Hill dru
Record holder liner
Remain at home stayin
Request before a shot smile
Right hand aide
Roll out unfurl
Rose garden pests aphids
Rubberneck gawk
Run out, as a subscription lapse
Sci-fi spin-off before 'DS9' tng
Slew scad
Small Champagne bottle split
Soviet news acronym tass
Statehouse VIP gov
Style vein
Supply store
Sure sign that Spot got into today's dessert? puddingonthedog
They're heard in jams horns
They're not idlers doers
Toon Charlie, memorably tuna
Tropical lizard iguana
Typist's left hand home keys asdf
Whodunit game clue
Young boys tads
Zipper part tooth
__ Beach: South Carolina resort myrtle
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