How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Oct 02 2017

Abba __, Israeli politician EBAN
African dictator, once IDI
Ahmadinejad's turf IRAN
Arrived CAME
Bit of food ORT
Blast from the bleachers OLE
Bolivian river BENI
Bora ____ ( a Leeward Isle) BORA
Building site LOT
Calendar ref APR
Canadian police svce RCMP
Card game OMBER
Carriage LANDAU
Chart MAP
Check one's mount REIN
City of ancient Greece ELEA
Cobras ASPS
Conflab HOBNOB
Cornbreads PONES
Day for spring clean-up ARBOR
Disgrace SHAME
Egyptian waterway NILE
Enable a criminal ABET
Eskimo skinning knife ULU
Examines EYES
Extremist ZEALOT
Go wrong ERR
Grandmas NANS
Greek Goddess of youth HEBE
Hand bag ETUI
Harper's HQ PMO
Ice, in Innsbruck EIS
Imperial weight meas LBS
Inland sea of central Asia ARAL
Insect life stage PUPA
Itin. notation ETA
Japanese sash OBI
Light beam RAY
Macaws ARA
Malacopterygian EEL
May, to Maurice MAI
Norwegian whale SEI
Nuke ZAP
Poke JAB
Proboscis NOSE
RC honourees STES
Resort SPA
Thus far YET
Twosome PAIR
Uncouth one BOOR
Victoria to Kamloops dir NNE
Winged ALAE
Yes, to Yvette OUI
___ Patrick (with 1 Down, won 1940 Stanley Cup) LYNN
___ Richard (with 8 Down, won 5 Stanley Cups from 1955 to 1960) MAURICE
___Abner LIL
____ Cleghorn (with 46 Down, won 1924 Stanley Cup) SPRAGUE
____ Cleghorn (with 7 Down, won 1924 Stanley Cup) ODIE
____ Cooke ( with brother Bun won 1928 Stanley Cup) BILL
____ Cooke (with 47 Down, won 1928 Stanley Cup) BUN
____ Khayyam OMAR
____ Neidermayer (with 5 Down, won 2007 Stanley Cup) ROB
____ Niedermayer ( with 32 Across . won 2007 Stanley Cup) SCOTT
____ Patrick (with 48 Across won 1940 Stanley Cup) MUZZ
____ Potvin (with 40 Down, won 1981 Stanley Cup) JEAN
____ the Gopher GAINER
____Potvin ( with 38 Across won 1981 Stanley Cup) DENIS
____Richard (with 34 Down, won 5 Stanley Cups from 1955 to 1960) HENRI
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