How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana May 09 2016

Adhesive GLUE
Alberta's Kevin ____ KOE
Armadillo APAR
Attempt TRY
Back then AGO
Board game KENO
Brewery products ALES
Bronte character EYRE
Cambridgeshire town ELY
Cavalrymen LANCERS
Container TIN
Counting of the ____ (Hebrew rite) OMER
Currency exchange fee AGIO
Dawdle TARRY
Deface MAR
Fix, in a way RIG
Folio PAGE
Foolhardy RASH
Geologic time period ERA
German auto AUDI
Granted CEDED
Greek letter X CHI
Hatchet AXE
Imitated APED
Kisser MUG
Knight's breast plate EGIS
Knight's title SIR
Lah Lah preceder TRA
Limb ARM
Macaws ARA
Manitoba's Jeff _______ STOUGHTON
Mention CITE
More crass RUDER
New Brunswick's James _____ GRATTAN
Newfoundland's Brad ____ GUSHUE
No, in Glasgow NAE
Oner ACE
Ontario capital TORONTO
Ontario's Glenn _____ HOWARD
Organic compound UREA
Over, poetically OER
Papa's mate MAMA
Parliamentarian Bob____ RAE
Podium DAIS
Popular antacid ENO
Portal DOOR
Prince Edward Island's Rod ____ MACDONALD
Quebec's Serge _____ REID
Rani's gown SARI
Saskatchewan's Darrell ____ MCKEE
Siesta NAP
Sought public office RAN
Standoff TIE
Stepped TROD
Suffer ACHE
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
The heart of a matter CRUX
Ulsrud or Nordby nationality NORWEGIAN
Veritable TRUE
Zodiac's Ram sign ARIES
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