How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana May 07 2012

Abba and others EBANS
Alexander Keith product ALE
Arafat's org., once PLO
Ashen WAN
At the very bottom LOWERMOST
Barbary sheep ARUI
Bear baby CUB
Bit of Japanese currency SEN
Black cuckoo ANI
Bus. degree MBA
Calcite for example ORE
CD forerunners LPS
Chinese dynasty 580 -618 AD SUI
Church council SYNOD
Clammy DANK
Convolutions SWIRLS
Cupid EROS
Damage DENT
Door person CONCIERGE
Eagle's nest AERY
Electrical meas KWH
Encourage a guard dog SIC
End of a Ross Thatcher quote WORK
Engine genre DIESEL
Enough (archaic) ENOW
Ever, poetically EER
Fall behind DAWDLE
Food fish COD
Ford nameplate LTD
G. Greer milieu LIB
Genoa suburb SORI
German river RUHR
Hockeyist Bobby ORR
Injury (OE) WHEAL
Investigation PROBE
Kind ILK
Knight's title SIR
Lake to Luc LAC
Letters preceding Queen Elizabeth II HRH
Malaysian isthmus KRA
Manitoba Moose org AHL
More damp DEWIER
Organic structures SOMAS
Over, poetically OER
Part 2 of today's quote NOTHING
Part 3 of today's quote WRONGWITH
Part 4 of today's quote SOCIALISM
Part 5 of today's quote EXCEPT
Part 6 of today's quote THATIT
Part 7 of today's quote DOES
Part 8 of today's quote NOT
Passionate EAGER
Playlet SKIT
Prepare the Oolong STEEP
Projection LEDGE
Snare TRAP
Solar _______ PLEXUS
Something sometimes coined PHRASE
Start of a Ross Thatcher quote THEREIS
Suitcase GRIP
Unprincipled one CAD
Whack BOP
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