How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Mar 04 2019

14th Hebrew letter nun
Alias ( Acronym ) aka
Amount of money sum
Approves, slangily oks
Auto workers union (Acronym) uaw
Battle of Br. heroes raf
Bos taurus oxen
Boy, in Bonsecours gar
Buddy pal
Calvin, familiarly cal
Caviar roe
Colour for a leftward voter pink
Common cookie oreo
Consume eat
Coveted classic car reo
Digital ____ ( Valentine gifts for men ) cameras
Eagle claw talon
Emend edit
Enough ( Archaic ) enow
Entice lure
Finis end
For another's benefit behalf
Growl gnar
Imitate ape
Imitates apes
Irish Republic eire
Keepsakes tokens
Latin for wife uxor
Lon ____ ( Former Cambodian PM ) nol
Man-made waterway canal
Marsh plants reeds
Military weapons failure misfire
Mine pit
Mystery enigma
Name of many a Pope leo
Novice neophyte
Operatic solo aria
Orts bits
Pesetas, for short ptas
Plasma sera
Popular pear bosc
Provide afford
Recycle reuse
Regret rue
Romantic interlude idyl
Rule, to Rahmindra raj
Scrimp eke
Sea eagle ern
Semitic language aram
Ship's steering mechanism helm
Spring month may
Stalemate draw
Suffix for ideal or dual ism
Thai monetary unit baht
Tidal bore aegir
Transcending meta
Typographical units ems
Valentine gift for women jewelry
Valentine gift for women lingerie
Valentine gift for women perfume
Video ____ ( Valentine gift for men ) games
Woe is me alas
Word before tiller roto
WW2 machine gun sten
Yugoslavian President tito
_____ pajamas ( Valentine gift for men ) silk
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