How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Jun 04 2012

Admires LIKES
Anger IRE
Annual payment ANNUITY
Argo stadium, formerly CNE
Audible exhalation SIGH
Auld lang ____ SYNE
Bachelor's last words? IDO
Blood vessels VASA
Calves meat VEAL
Cloistered one NUN
Command right GEE
Complimentary HONORARY
Emu or Rhea RATITE
Equestrian item REIN
Flushed ROSY
Gazelle GOA
German preposition ACH
Give birth YEAN
Glyptograph CAMEO
Golfer Ernie ELS
Grain OATS
Hollyhock ALTHEA
I , in Innsbruck ICH
Image ICON
Le Carre creation SPY
Max's opposite MIN
Mislay LOSE
None, nada, nothing OOO
Of India INDO
Ogles EYES
Okay YES
One of the Osmonds DONNY
Ostrich look-alike RHEA
Plains Indians OTOS
Queen's man in Canada 1935 to1940 BUCHAN
Queen's man in Canada 1940 to 1946 CAMBRIDGE
Queen's man in Canada 1959 to 1967 VANIER
Queen's man in Canada 1990 to 1995 HNATYSHYN
Queen's woman in Canada, appointed 1999 CLARKSON
Sailboat PROA
Sapp creations ART
Satisfies CONTENTS
Saturn feature ANSA
Scales part TAEL
Secular LAIC
South American natives INCA
Stringed plaything YOYO
Swiss river AARE
Travel document VISA
Troika TRIO
Unhinged, in a way NUTS
Wind instrument OBOE
With passion HEATEDLY
Word after cable or rail CAR
You, in Yamachiche TOI
____ Canadiens LES
____ de cologne EAU
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