How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Jan 15 2018

Adult females ladies
Alliance bloc
Alphabetic character eta
Artist's output art
Avoirdupois unit dram
Ballard or Pinter, familiarly hal
Body language nod
Carry tote
Charged particles ions
Court sport tennis
Deck for diviners tarot
Dorks boobs
Duress coercion
Extended families clans
Eye infection stye
Gage sess
Gat rod
Genetic info dna
GM auto olds
Himalayan monster yeti
Hymenopterous insects wasps
Info to come tba
J.G. ____Utterer of today's quote diefenbaker
Lively animated
Lubricate oil
Mach 1 breaker sst
Material atom
Meadow lea
Minute amount iota
Moniker name
More's opposite less
National capital roma
Neckwears ties
New Zealand Parrot kea
Off-Broadway theater award obie
Opening ora
Out of control amok
Paired bred
Part 1 of today's quote iwantto
Part 2 of today's quote make
Part 3 of today's quotation canada
Part 4 of today's quote allcanadian
Part 5 of today's quotation andall
Part of 6 today's quote british
Pillars antae
Poe's monogram eap
Popular TV fare csi
Pressure unit torr
RBC tech atm
Repast nosh
Sinful evil
Squirm writhe
Strike breaker scab
Supernatural being eon
Theatre feature aisle
Theatre-goer's call for more encore
Unfermented malt wort
Young of a Holstein or a Guernsey calf
____ McEntire reba
_____Strauss (Jeans maker) levi
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