How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Feb 16 2015

Actress Massey ILONA
Affirmative reply YES
Allow LET
Auto makers' union UAW
Back then AGO
Banff or Jasper frequenter? ELK
Belgian River OISE
Born as NEE
British novelist or place in Saskatchewan KIPLING
Brother of Cain ABEL
Call of the Wild author or Ontario city LONDON
Caviar ROE
Charged particle ION
Coastal feature RIA
Cuckoo ANI
Cy, formally CYRIL
Double curve OGEE
Eggleton, to friends ART
English poet or Ontario town DRYDEN
English poet or Ontario town MILTON
Essayist or place in Saskatchewan POPE
Essential oil ATAR
Falsehoods LIES
Family Drs GPS
Floor, in Francoeur ETAGE
Follow, in a way TAIL
Foreigner ALIEN
French novelist or place in Alberta BALZAC
Halladay stat ERA
Hayfield feature WINDROW
Hunting dog, familiarly LAB
Imitate APE
Innumerable MANY
Itinerary ref RTE
Jai _____ ALAI
June honouree, slangily GRAD
Kind of acid URIC
Legal or chute preceder PARA
Lennox Lewis bus KOS
Messier, for one MARK
Ms Sommers ELKE
Neck part NAPE
Not famous UNKNOWN
Observed SEEN
Onassis, to pals ARI
Ontario neighbour ERIE
Passionate, in a way INTO
Play part ROLE
Portend BODE
Produce a 45? DRAW
Prospector's quest ORE
Resort SPA
Run away LAM
Russian novelist or place in Manitoba TOLSTOI
Serpent ASP
Stitch SEW
Storage unit BIN
Teensy WEE
Thunderstruck AWED
Unkempt one SLOB
Use a microwave ZAP
Ward preceder LEE
Weather stat TEMP
_____ contendere NOLO
_____pump SUMP
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