How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 27 2015

''Buzz off!'' SHOO
''Exodus'' author URIS
''I kid __ not'' YOU
''See, I was right!'' TOLDYA
Accident investigation agcy NTSB
Airplane's black box RECORDER
Angelic instrument HARP
Aussie bird EMU
Bat again REHIT
Biblical words of comfort FEARNOT
Blackboard or whitewall COMPOUNDNOUN
Blood-bank supply SERA
Brazilian novelist Jorge AMADO
Bunches of Brownies TROOPS
Campaigned RAN
Cartoonist Addams CHAS
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Chopin piece ETUDE
City in Oklahoma ADA
Clumsy one OAF
Comic Judy TENUTA
Common mixer COLA
Copier powder TONER
Corn kernel NIBLET
Courtroom worker CLERK
Creative pursuits ARTS
Criticize harshly SLAM
Cultural figure ICON
Dashboard abbr MPH
Deadlocked EVEN
Designer Kamali NORMA
Detestable ODIOUS
DiMaggio or Jeter YANKEE
Do roadwork PAVE
Drag along HAUL
Drive-__ window THRU
Droop SAG
Early spring flowers CROCI
Egg __ yung FOO
Fairway clubs IRONS
Far from boastful MODEST
Farther down LOWER
Firmly fastened RIVETED
Flamethrower compound NAPALM
Folksy greeting HOWDO
Fossil fuel COAL
Full of energy ALIVE
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Greeted the day AROSE
HDTV brand RCA
Heaps praise on LAUDS
Hippie-era slogan FLOWERPOWER
Hoop group NBA
In the course of ALONG
Indiscreet person LOUDMOUTH
Innermost part CORE
Ipanema's city RIO
Isn't caught off guard PLANS
It's north of Chile PERU
Jargon suffix ESE
Keycard receiver SLOT
Leaves alone LETSBE
Letters on some pricey handbags YSL
Light lunch, perhaps SALAD
Light-tube gas NEON
Long-running disputes FEUDS
Loosen up between lines, perhaps RESPACE
Luau instrument UKE
Make happy GLADDEN
Mathematical subgroup COSET
Metro regions URBS
More absurd INANER
More adorable CUTER
Morning moistures DEWS
Multi-speaker system SURROUNDSOUND
NAFTA signer USA
Nautical direction ASTERN
Neighbor of Mich ONT
Not within walking distance FAR
Nothing at all NIL
Old Testament sanctuary ARK
Orange tuber YAM
Orchard GROVE
Pacific weather phenomenon ELNINO
Part of PGA: Abbr ASSOC
PC component CPU
Poetic preposition ERE
Possible race pace TROT
Promises to pay IOUS
Propriety DECORUM
Prosperous AFFLUENT
Proverb SAYING
Rank above viscount EARL
Region of northern Finland LAPLAND
Reinforce, with ''up'' SHORE
Ripped TORE
River sediment SILT
Sch. with a Providence campus URI
Send with an email ATTACH
Shade trees ELMS
Small jazz group TRIO
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Some Parliament members LORDS
Some Wall St. recruits MBAS
Stop up again, as a wine bottle RECORK
Strike a chord (with) RESONATE
Struggle clumsily along FLOUNDERABOUT
Stun gun TASER
Suffix for ranch ERO
Summer hrs DST
Swindle ROOK
Swindler CROOK
Tale with a moral FABLE
Taunting cry OHO
Tech support caller USER
Tennis contest MATCH
Thespian's whisper ASIDE
Three-Pulitzer playwright ALBEE
Tijuana title SENOR
Tim Cook's title CEO
Tons and tons OODLES
Top-notch PRIMO
Toy with a spool YOYO
Transportation charges FARES
Trumps, at times CLUBS
Two or three SEVERAL
Unhappy spectator BOOER
USMC truant AWOL
Vacation stop INN
W. Coast airport SFO
Walk inside ENTER
Was introduced to MET
Water-skiing locale LAKE
Where Sinhalese is spoken SRILANKA
Wipes clean ERASES
Withdraws officially SECEDES
Zellweger of ''Chicago'' RENEE
__ kwon do TAE
__ of the above NONE
__-Caps (candy brand) SNO
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