How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 23 2018

''. . . __ iron bars a cage'' nor
''Casablanca'' woman ilsa
''Conan'' airer tbs
''To __ own self be true'' thine
''Who's on First?'' straight man abbott
747 rival tristar
A word with you are
Actress Zellweger renee
After-school event sponsor pta
Allow to observe letsee
Alludes to cites
Amp-jack label mic
Angry state ire
Arabian sultanate oman
Arizona river gila
As long as while
B-school statistical subject econometrics
Basket for bass creel
Bear flowers bloom
Between extremes intermediate
Big name in cognac hennessy
Bit of dust mote
Blows off steam rants
Bottom-of-barrel worst
Campus quarters dorms
Capone, through much of the '30s inmate
Casting director's type ingenue
Caused to clam up silenced
Celebrated period era
Charitable recipient donee
Charlie Brown outburst rats
Chem lab colorant litmus
Chimed rang
Come up arise
Completely opposite polar
Convenient feature amenity
Cry of success tada
Defeats upends
Dental image xray
Descends slowly sinks
Designer Cassini oleg
Desktop art icon
Desktop option mac
Discussion venue forum
Don't really try coast
Dozen in a box jury
Drama teacher's deg., often mfa
Evening bash soiree
Evergreen herb sage
Eye-color determinant gene
Face-down prone
False account lie
Family nickname dad
FDR successor hst
First family's home eden
Follow aggressively dog
Forestation limit treeline
Freedom from self-centeredness modesty
Freeloader leech
French farewell adieu
Friends of the family, often pets
Garden adornment gnome
Gives advice to counsels
Govt. intel group nsa
GPS lines rds
Gross fraction dozen
Had in mind meant
Hair preparation rinse
Hang out to dry, say air
Helpful contacts ins
How saints are often painted haloed
III, in modern Rome tre
Incentivizes spurs
Indistinct sound murmur
Influences, as one's opinion colors
Insert, as text paste
It inspired the Frisbee piepan
It wears on a tire tread
Jockey's concern pace
Joining of giants megamerger
Leak slowly seep
Less congenial icier
Letter-closing word yours
Makes a blunder errs
Many Manets oils
Mixed with extraneous matter impure
Most clearly embarrassed reddest
Moves a little budges
Mr. Peanut accessory cane
Musical postscript coda
Noble mounts steeds
Not so forthright slier
Omen sign
On hand here
One of Canada's First Nations cree
One on the move goer
One with a Visa, say cardmember
Ones close-by these
Opinion piece essay
Opposite sides foes
Outfits for attorneys firms
Paris-born philosopher sartre
PlayStation alternative xbox
Poetic contraction eer
Presented evidence for documented
Quarterback setback sack
Rapper seen on ''Law & Order: SVU'' icet
Rather close similar
Reciprocal mutual
Refinable minerals ores
Reflector in some telescopes prism
Run-down seedy
Sauté and simmer braise
Small cut snip
Some track stars milers
Sorority letter eta
Sort of steak tbone
South African Peace Nobelist tutu
Started a hole teed
Stiffly formal prim
Supposed source of Solomon's wealth mines
Tending to moralize judgmental
Thorny plant brier
Titles differently renames
To some degree, slangily sorta
Tract fraction, perhaps acre
Turn sugar brown caramelize
Two-legged support bipod
Unabridged entire
Uncluttered neat
Under siege beset
Up on a globe north
Valhalla VIP odin
Via, for short thru
Vocally scratchy hoarse
W. Florida city stpete
Wagon wheel connector axle
What a dessert tray is meant to be tempter
What oxygen lacks odor
White wader egret
Whole slew scad
Wipe off erase
With a flickery glow shimmering
__ about (circa) onor
__ later date ata
__ with faint praise damns
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