How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 23 2014

''To sum it __ . . .'' ALLUP
Adam's second son ABEL
Amazes WOWS
Appear to be SEEM
Bassoon's smaller cousin OBOE
Befuddle PERPLEX
Berets and beanies HATS
Boulder STONE
Brew, as tea STEEP
Bridge tolls, for example USERFEES
Bridle attachments REINS
Bro's sibling SIS
Casual top TSHIRT
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Cherished BELOVED
College officials DEANS
Deflated tire FLAT
Diamond sock pattern ARGYLE
Drop in the mail SEND
Finish with ENDON
Fish's breathing organ GILL
Follow, as advice ACTON
Fort full of bullion KNOX
From Bangkok THAI
Gift-box decoration BOW
Govt. food inspector USDA
Had been WERE
Had on WORE
Help with a holdup ABET
Hit the road LEAVE
If everything fails ATWORST
In those days THEN
India's continent ASIA
Kid around with TEASE
Kitchen wear APRON
Knitted blankets AFGHANS
Last inning, usually NINTH
Lone Star Stater TEXAN
Look forward to AWAIT
Male sheep RAM
Merriment GLEE
Neon or oxygen GAS
No longer there GONE
Not difficult EASY
Ocean contents WATER
Of great weight HEAVY
Olden days YORE
Omelet ingredient EGG
Opera song ARIA
Opposed to AGAINST
Overdue LATE
Peddled SOLD
Physically strong FIT
Pigeon sound COO
Police officer's shield BADGE
Proofs of age, for short IDS
Refer to CITE
Rescue, with ''out'' BAIL
Room in a jail CELL
Scenic view VISTA
Shoulder warmer SHAWL
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Source of great wealth GOLDMINE
Staircase part STEP
Starring role LEAD
Starting poker stake ANTE
Supermarket path AISLE
Toledo's lake ERIE
Topmost point APEX
Trickle down DRIP
Undecorated BARE
Variety of pear BOSC
Well-ventilated AIRY
Witch's spell HEX
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