How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 08 2008

''CSI'' network CBS
''The heat __!'' ISON
A- or B+ GRADE
Accountant's book LEDGER
Angelic instrument HARP
Become tired WEAROUT
Biblical paradise EDEN
Bicycle wheel TIRE
Billiard cue POOLSTICK
Blueprint detail, briefly SPEC
Bouquet holders VASES
Butter alternative OLEO
By oneself ALONE
Campsite shelters TENTS
Cleaned, as a blackboard ERASED
Coffee alternative TEA
Commercial on the tube TVAD
CPR specialists EMTS
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Depend (on) RELY
Descended SANK
Does the tango DANCES
Door opener KEY
Elaborate party GALA
Employee's end-of-week shout TGIF
Enter a highway MERGE
Environmental sci. ECOL
Fencing weapon EPEE
Fill in __ blank THE
Gets ready, for short PREPS
Green pasta sauce PESTO
Hay unit BALE
Heroic tales EPICS
Honolulu's island OAHU
Impolite glance LEER
Indecisive one FENCESITTER
Jai __ ALAI
Kite attachment TAIL
Lab-maze runner RAT
Lengthy story SAGA
Letters after kays ELS
Male pigs BOARS
Military bases POSTS
Native American group TRIBE
No-fat eater Jack of rhyme SPRAT
Not feeling well ILL
Numbered highway: Abbr. RTE
Old-time furnace fuel COAL
Piece of classroom furniture DESK
Place to rub in shampoo SCALP
Poker player's pack DECKOFCARDS
Post-office purchase STAMP
Prefix for dynamic AERO
Reassure COMFORT
Recipe amount: Abbr. TBSP
Run off to marry ELOPE
Sits in the sun TANS
Skiers' surface SLOPE
Skin-lotion additives ALOES
Spouse MATE
Story line PLOT
Strongly recommend URGE
Take a breather REST
Takes care of TENDSTO
Teacher's directive SEEME
Tenant's expense RENT
Uncomfortable position HOTSEAT
Vegas machines SLOTS
Watchful ALERT
Windshield cleaner WIPER
Wish earnestly HOPE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ go (release) LET
__ over (capsize) KEEL
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