How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 01 2017

''Holidays in Heck'' humorist OROURKE
''Snow White'' witch's shout BAH
''__ de vie'' (French brandy) EAU
A, as in Aachen EIN
Adverse ILL
Aesopian saver ANT
Anchorage locale PIER
Aural receptor EAR
Backpack burden GEAR
Backward FRO
Bed __ Box (mattress brand) INA
Bench order WRIT
Billion years, in astronomy EON
Buyback contract, for short REPO
Cardinals, on NFL scoreboards ARI
Cask material OAK
Chooses, as a chophouse DINESAT
Command, as a cutter CAPTAIN
Contributor to ambiance DECOR
Crime of combustion ARSON
Crude quarters HUT
Cry like ''Bingo!'' EUREKA
Culinary category CUISINE
Decoy LURE
Disembarked ALIT
Disposed (to) OFAMIND
Drops at dawn DEW
Eisenhower Library city ABILENE
Ensembles of cells TISSUES
Far from certain CHANCY
Files for flies, maybe TYPO
Frat letter TAU
Frat letter OMEGA
Heifer hangout LEA
Impressively NOLESS
Informal affirmation IHEARYA
Insincere ''Sorry!'' SOSUEME
Intangible vibe AURA
Issue forth EMIT
It's northeast of Fort Wayne TOLEDO
It's spotted throughout Mexico OCELOT
Italian word for ''shrimp'' SCAMPI
Lighting fuel of old COALOIL
Major artery CAROTID
Metal precioso ORO
Novelist Patchett ANN
Off the mark AFIELD
One whom Sam played for ILSA
Overnight annoyance SNORER
Overwhelming feeling AWE
Ozark Foothills city TULSA
Part 2 of recipe SUGARANDFLOUR
Port Said's region NILEDELTA
Search and destroy, perhaps RANSACK
Second Constitution adjective MORE
Sent an overseas telegram to CABLED
Some frozen desserts POPS
SPECTRE scientist DRNO
Sweet sound COO
Take full responsibility for OWN
Team on some farms OXEN
Thinks big ASPIRES
To be filled soon ONORDER
Tolled RANG
Traditional recipe, part 1: Combine equal amounts of __ . . BUTTERANDEGGS
Treat too tenderly CODDLE
Trifle (with) FOOL
What many Founding Fathers wore PERUKES
What Ms. Carson criticized DDT
What the recipe is for POUNDCAKE
When both hands are up NOON
Withhold DENY
Zappos offering OXFORDS
__ Rancho, NM RIO
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