How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 29 2016

''Merry Wives . . .'' complaint FIE
''My voice is not a bellows unto __'': Keats IRE
''The Economist'' coinage of 2012 BREXIT
2015's fastest-growing music format LPS
Amin's '70s headquarters KAMPALA
An inspiration for PDQ Bach HANDEL
Anyone living near North Pole ALASKAN
Auctioned for education, say ANAGRAM
Band aids GIGS
Bizarre accumulation EXOTICA
Buster in numerous films NARC
Calcium-rich side KALE
Capoluogo della Sicilia PALERMO
Confound DASH
Coups in bowls TDS
Cusp EVE
Debonair RAKISH
Diamond traders GMS
Dirty blanket SMOG
Disney brown bouncer ROO
Divested RID
End of some tour-de-force solos MICDROP
End __ USE
Finishing touches MOPUPS
First prophet, to the Bahá'í ADAM
Formerly popular peripheral FAXMODEM
Givers of Friday sermons IMAMS
Goal of some seeders RAIN
Great pride ELATION
Guard initiation REAR
Herbal beverage TISANE
High Mass starter INTROIT
Holdovers RELICS
Homie address DAWG
Ingratiating SMOOTH
Interpret as TAKEFOR
Liqueur/wine concoction KIR
Manipulative interviews AMBUSHES
Marks as complete, maybe XSOUT
Matching TWIN
Measureless INFINITE
Member of the tuba family HELICON
Menu section SALADS
Mesmeric manipulator SVENGALI
Mideast's ''radiant city'' MEDINA
Name meaning ''hairy'' in Hebrew ESAU
Name on J'Adore boxes DIOR
Not forthcoming EVASIVE
Oceanic force ARMADA
Part of a listing to the right ETC
Party to extremes CAROUSE
Patch DARN
Ruffian HOOD
Sacred soloist CANTOR
Score keeper MAESTRO
Showed excitement, maybe DANCED
Singer voicing Gazelle in ''Zootopia'' SHAKIRA
Some unions GUILDS
Something stuffed for lunch PITA
Spaghetti western accessory SERAPE
Start of multiple Colette titles LES
Swimming stroke descriptor OVERARM
Theorist on the ''Sgt. Pepper'' cover KARLMARX
Type of wind shield SKIMASK
What six bells can signify SEVENAM
With obstructive buildup SILTED
Work parodied by Duchamp MONALISA
__ 2.0 (Bill Gates mansion) XANADU
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