How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 28 2007

''Compadre'' AMIGO
''Forbes'' rival BUSINESSWEEK
''From the Earth to the Moon'' author VERNE
''I should say __!'' NOT
''I've heard enough!'' SPAREME
''M*A*S*H'' soft drink NEHI
''Six __, and half . . .'' OFONE
''Star Trek'' character CHEKOV
''Swell!'' NEATO
''Up and __!'' ATEM
''Wouldn't It Be Loverly?'' singer ELIZA
''__, the doctor!'' MYSON
26 Across habitat PERU
78 Across, for example ALERS
Add, as to a batter STIRIN
Advanced course SEMINAR
Airline to Israel ELAL
American aloe CENTURYPLANT
Annoyances PESTS
Antagonized RILED
Assembles before stapling COLLATES
Attention getter PSST
Baby bouncer KNEE
Backyard grillers, often DADS
Biblical kingdom SHEBA
Bloodhound's trail SCENT
Bone-dry ARID
Brief moment SPLITSECOND
Butter holders TUBS
Camel-like mammal LLAMA
Campaign workers ADMEN
Canada's Saint __ Mountains ELIAS
Caterpillar, for one LARVA
Chou of China ENLAI
Clay-pigeon hurler TRAP
Clinton's Senate predecessor MOYNIHAN
Close family member LOVEDONE
Closer to maturity RIPER
Comic-strip Viking HAGAR
Conceals MASKS
Designer Wang VERA
Devour EATUP
Director Jean-__ Godard LUC
Disgorge, as lava SPEW
Droxie alternative OREO
Duck dwelling NEST
Egotist's obsession SELF
Endangerment PERIL
Entangle MIRE
Enthusiasm ELAN
Euphonium relative TUBA
Explorer Tasman ABEL
Fan-produced periodical ZINE
Figure out SOLVE
First Soviet premier LENIN
Flowers in vases SPRAYS
Fly high SOAR
Flynn of films ERROL
From milk LACTIC
Ground breakers HOERS
Gun owner's org. NRA
Half-hours of ''Scrubs'' EPISODES
Heavy footstep CLUMP
Hood's heater GAT
Informal eatery CAFE
Installs, as a driveway TARS
Itinerary info: Abbr. RTE
Just-before-deadline moment THEELEVENTHHOUR
Kansas City team ROYALS
Keeps HAS
Key of ''Clair de Lune'' DFLAT
Largest Greek island CRETE
Leatherworker's tools AWLS
Less healthy-looking PALER
Like some Fr. nouns MASC
Lizardlike SCALY
London attraction MILLENNIUMWHEEL
Makes joyful ELATES
Mamie's man IKE
Manual reader, perhaps USER
Marge, to Bart MOM
Messy place STY
Mideast diplomat Eban ABBA
Mideast peninsula SINAI
Missile housing SILO
Mortar master MASON
Move slowly CREEP
Mowed ground SWATH
Muppet Rizzo, e.g. RAT
Nod or wink SIGNAL
Olympic skiers' surname MAHRE
Overly bookish ones NERDS
Oversupply GLUT
Overturn UPEND
Pack tightly CRAM
Part of the ear LOBE
Perform on stage ENACT
Persia, today IRAN
Playful exchange BANTER
Pointless INANE
Poker declaration IMIN
Pub orders ALES
Pulls down EARNS
Rain or sleet, for short PRECIP
Salome's stepfather HEROD
Salon order SET
Seat-section separator AISLE
Sending an e-mail copy to CCING
Service-station adjunct, maybe CARWASH
Shakespearean king OBERON
Shape of O OVAL
Small stinger BEE
Small warbler WREN
Soldier-to-be prog. ROTC
Somewhat inclined ATILT
Sort of sofa DIVAN
Sound of a dropped tomato SPLAT
Sound of z's SNORE
Source of funds for srs. IRAS
Take personally RESENT
Take the wheel STEER
Theme of the puzzle TIMES
Toon title fish in an '03 film NEMO
Toots one's own horn BRAGS
Tourist souvenirs TSHIRTS
Tourist stop SIGHT
Turntable speeds RPMS
Type of mollusk SCALLOP
Unrivaled THEBEST
VCR successor TIVO
Verdi opera AIDA
Web address starter HTTP
Well-coordinated AGILE
Windshield inconvenience ICE
Without a warranty ASIS
Worldwide GLOBAL
__ Ste. Marie, Ontario SAULT
__ Tin Tin RIN
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