How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 25 2018

''You got it'' yes
Actor Patel dev
Annoy getat
Another term for a canine cuspid
Aquatic group school
As well too
Ashley of fashion laura
Autumn chill nip
Bag carrier caddie
Ben Solo's dad han
Betty White in ''The Golden Girls'' rosenylund
Bill & __ Gates Foundation melinda
Brewpub order ale
Checker, for example disc
Clarification starter imean
Covert org cia
Dash letters mph
Diner desserts pies
Director Lee ang
Discontinue scrap
Double-dealing deceit
Dressed for bed inpjs
Emulated the 1 Down dieted
Far from stern lax
Farm cart dray
Feed (on) prey
Flying symbol for each state star
Football Hall of Fame city canton
Get back to resume
Govt. energy agency tva
How some tech support is provided onsite
Hyphenated ID ssn
Improvised musical passage vamp
Interior appointments decor
Kind of ax hatchet
Low digits toes
Low grade dee
Lummox ape
Maggie Smith in ''Downton Abbey'' violetcrawley
Milne marsupial roo
Moonshiner's nemesis revenuer
Morgan of ''30 Rock'' tracy
Nursery rhyme couple sprats
Nutrient in spinach iron
Old engine power steam
Pac-12 sch asu
Park Service person ranger
Passover meal seder
Preoccupation, from the French ideefixe
Puccini piece aria
Racket din
Ready to go allset
Remain unresolved pend
Renewable energy, informally hydro
Sly foxy
Small wooden platform tee
Spells hexes
Starfish's arms rays
Storage area closet
Strong urge itch
Sub temp
Sushi fish tuna
Table figures data
Tiered temple pagoda
Tokyo-based leader abe
Took it easy lolled
Toon debuting in ''Porky's Romance'' petuniapig
Toward the stern aft
Trash talk jive
Upper echelon elite
Victimized had
Visibility spoiler smog
West Point mascot armymule
West Point newbie plebe
Within the rules allowed
Yakety-yak idlechat
Zurich money franc
__TV (''Actuality'' cable channel) tru
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