How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 25 2010

''Yikes!'' UHOH
Abandoned Old West locale GHOSTTOWN
Agile SPRY
Apple discard CORE
Assistant AIDE
Baby-powder ingredient TALC
Back of the neck NAPE
Beatnik's drum BONGO
Boscs and Bartletts PEARS
Broadcast again REAIR
Cairo's river NILE
Church officials ELDERS
Cosmetic-counter purchase EYESHADOW
Creative thought IDEA
Dress in WEAR
Easily alarmed TIMID
Evaluate RATE
Expends USES
Exploded BLEW
Feeling blue GLUM
Female voice range ALTO
Frees (of) RIDS
Frittered away WASTED
Garden tools HOES
Gave for a while LENT
Gray shade TAUPE
Has to MUST
Irrigates WATERS
Jail room CELL
Karate kin JUDO
Like a lot ADORE
Memorization method ROTE
Minor knee injury SCRAPE
Minor quarrels SPATS
Mom's boys SONS
Monorail car TRAM
Most important MAIN
Neck of the woods AREA
Occupied a chair SAT
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Pay out SPEND
Photo __ (publicity events) OPS
Plane-tracking device RADAR
Plumlike fruits SLOES
Postal delivery MAIL
Prearranged price SETFEE
Provides the cash for FUNDS
Pub missile DART
Publicizes PROMOTES
Rain-delay cover TARP
Sailor's shout AHOY
Sand hill DUNE
Scary-movie reaction SCREAM
Shows the way LEADS
Small pie TART
Sound of discomfort MOAN
Sparrow sound CHIRP
Spooky EERIE
State of mind MOOD
Strong anger FURY
Strongly recommend URGE
Supersonic fighter plane PHANTOMJET
Sweet menu courses DESSERTS
Tavern BAR
The one right here THIS
Thick slice SLAB
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Trousers PANTS
Two-__ paper towels PLY
Unconventional person FREESPIRIT
War honoree HERO
What dogs wag TAILS
Wigwam relative TEPEE
Window inserts PANES
Words of denial NOTI
__ down (pillow filling) EIDER
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