How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 21 2013

''Sure thing!'' OKEYDOKE
Adored LOVED
After-bath garment ROBE
Angry with MADAT
Aroma ODOR
Barbell metal IRON
Basketball net holder RIM
Beer maker's grain BARLEY
Bouquet holder VASE
Bullfight shouts OLES
By oneself ALONE
Capital of Norway OSLO
City Hall leader MAYOR
Evil deed SIN
Falls as frozen rain SLEETS
Feeling mopey SAD
Find the total of ADDUP
Fixtures below sinks DRAINPIPES
Fortune teller SEER
Full collections SETS
German car AUDI
Gets out of bed RISES
Golfers' goals PARS
Gumbo veggies OKRAS
Have sore muscles ACHE
Hawaiian party LUAU
Laundry appliances' ducts DRYERVENTS
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Leg joint KNEE
Livestock building BARN
Look mopey POUT
Make ready, for short PREP
Makeup for cheeks ROUGE
Massachusetts neighbor: Abbr CONN
Mechanical man ROBOT
Number of Little Pigs THREE
Oktoberfest music POLKA
One pitching a tent CAMPER
Outer boundary EDGE
Paid out SPENT
Parts of a play SCENES
Performs on stage ACTS
Pork cuts LOINS
Puniest pup RUNT
Purring pets CATS
Region AREA
Response to ''Achoo'' BLESSYOU
Second son of Adam ABEL
Ship's pole MAST
Shoelace snarl KNOT
Shower-gel additive ALOE
Side order with eggs BACON
Sit __ by (do nothing) IDLY
Sounds from dogs BARKS
South Calif. cops LAPD
Spiders' snares WEBS
Squirrel snack ACORN
States as fact SAYSSO
Take __ view of (frown on) ADIM
Tehran's nation IRAN
Thick cord ROPE
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Thumbs-down vote NAY
Total amount SUM
Train passageways RAILROADTUNNELS
Tree branch LIMB
Unit of current AMPERE
Venus or Mars PLANET
Verbal exam ORAL
Walk inside ENTER
Wear away ERODE
When planes are expected: Abbr ETAS
Wine and dine WOO
Winery vessel VAT
Yours and mine OURS
Zap in the microwave NUKE
Zero NIL
__ or less (approximately) MORE
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