How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 12 2011

''Mack the Knife'' singer DARIN
Abrupt transition LEAP
Acidic-tasting SOUR
Actress Tyson CICELY
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Argue a question DEBATE
Aroma ODOR
Aural organ EAR
Avoids on purpose SHUNS
Be radiant GLOW
Blueprint detail SPEC
Bring in DRAW
British megalithic monument STONEHENGE
Brought up BRED
Bucolic RURAL
Came to a standstill STALLED
Caravan stop OASIS
Castle protector MOAT
Chess piece ROOK
Choir garb ROBE
Choral range ALTO
Cloth fuzz LINT
College auditorium event ROCKCONCERT
Corn container CRIB
Deceitful one SANDBAGGER
Declare false DENY
Diabolical EVIL
Discouraging BLEAK
Do winter plane preparation DEICE
Drag along TOW
Droops SAGS
Expert ACE
Extremity END
Foot part ARCH
Gates' Microsoft partner ALLEN
Give orders DICTATE
Green Gables girl ANNE
Guys MEN
Joust weapons LANCES
Local tax official ASSESSOR
Make a mess of FLUB
Mean mood SNIT
Med. scan EEG
Molten rock MAGMA
Naughty kid BRAT
Nightfall DARK
Nose-in-air type SNOB
Old oath EGAD
Parka part HOOD
Peseta successor EURO
Prevaricates LIES
Princess' headgear TIARA
Provide funding for ENDOW
Render invalid ANNUL
River deposit SILT
Roof edge EAVE
Routine job CHORE
Ruckus ADO
Ship pole MAST
Showy flower ANEMONE
Sleuth Wolfe NERO
Social stratum CLASS
Southeast Asian capital HANOI
Space around the altar CHANCEL
Spoiled, with ''on'' DOTED
Sums up ADDS
Swampland MIRE
Talk pompously ORATE
Tan color ALMOND
Thrash about FLAIL
Tonic partner GIN
Town near Monterey PEBBLEBEACH
Very uncommon RARE
Without help ALONE
Wooden shoes CLOGS
__ cheese dressing BLEU
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