How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 11 2018

''Dos'' cubed ocho
''No clue'' idunno
'90s NAFTA opponent perot
A panhandle state idaho
Already enlightened aware
Alternative to the Accord altima
Armchair adjunct ottoman
Bach choral piece motet
Basic nature essence
Basilica feature apse
Between ''good'' and ''no good'' soso
Big ol' piece hunk
Breakaway group sect
Camouflaged hid
Casino twosome dice
Collection in the Minecraft game ore
Coming-of-age birthday (27 Across + 44 Across) sweetsixteen
Common computer font arial
Competitor of Lyft uber
Concocts brews
Datebook abbr thurs
Defeat in grappling pin
End of Wikipedia's URL org
Equine exercise area paddock
Family nickname poppa
Feline star group leo
Foam toy brand nerf
Hereditary rulers dynasts
Hint of a shade tinge
Hyena's hand paw
Inspect, as a construction site seeover
Inspiration for the Beatles elvis
Iron: Fr fer
Is a contestant vies
It means ''height'' acro
Jersey, for instance shirt
Jug handle ear
Keep bugging nag
Liveliness zing
Logically sound solid
Metamorphic rock gneiss
Metrical tribute ode
NASA spacewalk eva
Night out with candles, maybe dinnerfortwo
NL team's initial lineup (20 Across + 27 Across) startingnine
Non-waiter's demand mefirst
Norm Peterson on ''Cheers'' wendt
Old-style ''Understood'' idig
Poetic pugilist ali
Preceder/follower of ''-a-'' vis
Prefix meaning ''strange'' xeno
Protestor-defendants of 1968 chicagoseven
Quick punches jabs
Rested while standing leant
Russian ''John'' ivan
Salon supply hairgel
Scientist often on Tyson's ''StarTalk'' nye
Scornful snide
Seats of conceit egos
Shape of the STP logo oval
Shoe seller's question size
Shouts that are ''enérgico'' oles
Some streets of Paris rues
Support for a ''chapeau'' tete
Swamp predator croc
Taiwanese computer maker acer
Unexpected and scary jarring
Unhidden overt
Unseen atmosphere vibe
Unseen flash idea
Well-honed acute
What's attached to some handles idtags
Without a break onandon
Work for earn
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