How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 08 2017

''Do it for my sake'' HUMORME
''GoodFellas'' Oscar winner JOEPESCI
''Home Cooking'' chef DEEN
''I beg to differ'' NOTSO
''La Bohème'' role MIMI
''Sleepless in Seattle'' director NORAEPHRON
''The Time Machine'' race ELOI
31 Across in 2000 GORE
4 Down phrase IDO
Action figures, essentially DOLLS
Agent, for short REP
Atmospheric emanation ODOR
Basic food STAPLE
Big attraction DRAWINGCARD
Boxing legend ALI
Brainy society MENSA
Camry competitor ALTIMA
Canine care deg DDS
Cantina food TAPAS
Change position MOVE
Choir's clothing ROBES
Choir's repertoire SONGS
Circuit measures AMPS
City noted for oranges VALENCIA
Congestion sites SINUSES
Congestion sound HONKING
Constant critic NAGGER
Continental prefix AFRO
Cookie baker's buy SHEET
Court figs ATTYS
Cuban base, familiarly GITMO
Cybermoney ECASH
Cynical comeback IBET
Demolishes RAZES
Displease MIFF
Do yard work MOW
Doc bloc AMA
Dorm accessories LAMPS
Dramatic opening ACTI
Duchess of York SARAH
Errand runner GOFER
Far from convinced LEERY
Far from crisp LIMP
Fire starter FLINT
First stage, so to speak GETGO
Floral necklace LEI
Foldable furniture COTS
Fred's cartoon wife WILMA
Function host EMCEE
Gambia neighbor SENEGAL
Generic neighbors JONESES
Get set in a sedan BELTUP
Ghana neighbor TOGO
Giraffe cousin OKAPI
Goat-man of myth FAUN
Hobby kits with colonies ANTFARMS
Honda alternatives MAZDAS
Horror film series addr ELMST
HS auxiliaries PTAS
HS exam PSAT
In recent days NEWLY
Innately BORN
It borders Berlin POTSDAM
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Jumps around SKITTERS
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kingly name of Spain ALFONSO
Knee or knuckle JOINT
Lab rodent MOUSE
Lab rodent RAT
Leans back RECLINES
Long-running disputes FEUDS
Loses no games SWEEPS
Lounge around LOLL
Lyrics, essentially POEMS
Make more efficient REENGINEER
Mechanical helper ROBOT
Melody of India RAGA
Mideast capital AMMAN
Moved it SPED
Mozart-era dance MINUET
Name on a slate NOMINEE
Narrow boat CANOE
New blogger's selection, perhaps EMAILNAME
Noncom's nickname SARGE
Norwegian playwright IBSEN
Official order EDICT
On its way SENT
Optimal IDEAL
Orioles' grp ALEAST
Part of a Dracula costume FANGS
PBS science series NOVA
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Piercing tools AWLS
Police story genre NOIRFICTION
Ponce __ DELEON
Pond swimmer SWAN
Pro bono TV ad PSA
Pulitzer musical for 2016 HAMILTON
Put back in a corral REPEN
Rather alike SIMILAR
Red Muppet ELMO
Rise rapidly SOAR
Rite with rings MARRIAGE
Roof ornament VANE
Rowing implement OAR
Satirical piece SPOOF
Schoolyard comeback CANSO
Sculpted figure TORSO
Send forth EMIT
Shape of a puck DISK
Shot in the dark STAB
Small bills ONES
Soak up knowledge LEARN
Soccer stadium chant OLEOLE
Sofa support ARM
Some string players CELLISTS
Sparkly topper TIARA
Spot of land ISLE
Substantive MEATY
Sudden increase LEAP
Sure to work FOOLPROOF
Symbolic hugs OOO
Tablet accessory STYLUS
Take the crown WIN
Taste buds' place TONGUE
Threefold TREBLE
Trojan War instigator ARES
Urban know-how STREETSMARTS
User of Celsius METRICSYSTEM
Usher's post AISLE
Very, in music MOLTO
Was a sub STOODIN
Was trying to say MEANT
Weigh (down) LOAD
Well versed ADEPT
Went public with AIRED
With intensity HOTLY
Witherspoon of film REESE
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