How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 07 2011

''Dilbert'' cartoonist ADAMS
''This can't be!'' OHNO
2004 Olympics site ATHENS
43,560 square feet ACRE
Angler's boot WADER
Annoys, with ''at'' GNAWS
Attacked RANAT
Barracks bed COT
Beginning Cub Scout BOBCAT
Brown shade ECRU
Brunch delicacy LOX
Cannes cash EUROS
Carried BORE
Ceiling support BEAM
Cell-phone part DIODE
Cleans off DUSTS
Coal carrier HOD
Comforter stuff DOWN
Deplorable SAD
Dumbstruck AGHAST
Dwindle EBB
ESPN subject NCAA
Flavorful TASTY
For example SAY
Fraud SCAM
Full of suspense TENSE
G-suit insignia NASA
Got out of EVADED
Greatly ALOT
Greatly MUCH
Greet warmly HUG
Guitar sound TWANG
Hide-hair connector NOR
High-hatter SNOB
Hot blood ANGER
Humble abodes HUTS
Imagination product IDEA
Implied TACIT
Jambalaya ingredient RICE
Joined the competition VIED
Lively party BASH
Magpie cousin CROW
Make bootees KNIT
Make reference to CITE
Novel's ID ISBN
Old flames EXES
On this spot HERE
One-liner GAG
Orchestra member OBOE
Out in front AHEAD
Pac-10 school UCLA
Pandemic, perhaps HEALTHEMERGENCY
Pearly stone OPAL
Photo tint SEPIA
Place on the shelf, perhaps UNBOX
Plumbing tool SNAKE
Punched, perhaps JABBED
Quick-reference aid INDEX
Reach an accord SETTLE
Saginaw Bay's lake HURON
Soft touches DABS
Somewhat ATAD
Son of Hera ARES
Sonic copy ECHO
Spots for cat naps LAPS
State one's views OPINE
Stoppers CORKS
Supposed Marie Antoinette line LETTHEMEATCAKE
Term of endearment BABE
Throw off EMIT
Tierra __ Fuego DEL
Tinted DYED
Toon dad HOMER
Unmatched ODD
Uppercut's target JAW
Vermont ski spot STOWE
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