How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 06 2008

''It's clear to me now'' ISEE
''This can't be!'' OHNO
A+ or B- GRADE
Affirmative votes AYES
After-bath wraps ROBES
Argument over a baby toy BATTLEFORRATTLE
Auction condition ASIS
Available from a keg ONTAP
Baby looked happy CHILDHADSMILED
Baby's soup server LADLEFORCRADLE
Be bold DARE
Birthday-party desserts CAKES
British noble EARL
Captain __ (English pirate) KIDD
Carbonated drink SODA
Church services MASSES
Clinton's vice president GORE
Disinfectant target GERM
Do some ironing PRESS
Earth-friendly sci. ECOL
Exist ARE
Fan who's cheering ROOTER
Feeling antsy TENSE
Feeling calm SERENE
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Free-for-all MELEE
Grass in front of a home LAWN
Hamsters and collies PETS
Hertz competitor AVIS
Highway exits RAMPS
In the know HIP
Incoming plane stats. ETAS
Japan's second-largest city OSAKA
Just manages, with ''out'' EKES
Kid around JOSH
Kind of committee ADHOC
Lawyers: Abbr. ATTYS
Likely APT
Major prank HOAX
Mean one OGRE
Miscellaneous errand ODDJOB
More than OVER
Neck of the woods AREA
Needle-and-thread worker SEWER
Neither's partner NOR
No more than ATMOST
Not against the law LEGAL
Not doing anything IDLE
Nursery dwellers TOTS
Obliterate ERASE
Of the stars ASTRAL
Old-time fossil fuel COAL
One-person performance SOLO
Patches up FIXES
Physicians: Abbr. MDS
Platter shape DISC
Pleasant smell AROMA
Religious ceremony RITE
Scarlett of ''Gone With the Wind'' OHARA
Secret writing CODE
Sentry's shout HALT
Sharp taste TANG
Sleeper's sound SNORE
Sounds from Santa HOHO
Strong point FORTE
Surprise attack RAID
Taxicab device METER
Temporary craze FAD
Three-piece suit part VEST
Two-word conjunction ANDOR
Type of pear BOSC
Unit of current AMP
Unwitting victim SAP
Where Cleveland is OHIO
Where figure-skaters practice ONICE
Worship from __ AFAR
__ and crafts ARTS
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