How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 05 2008

''A-Team'' actor MRT
''Doggone!'' DRAT
''Gloomy'' guy GUS
''Humble'' home ABODE
''Peer Gynt'' dancer ANITRA
''The light dawns!'' IGETIT
''What was that?'' HUNH
''You got me!'' TOUCHE
''Yuck!'' UGH
'20s auto REO
Actress Aniston, familiarly JEN
Arctic bird SKUA
Ballerinas' getups TUTUS
Bamboozles SNOWS
Bard's ''between'' TWIXT
Basra's land IRAQ
Behold, to Brutus ECCE
Bibliographical abbr. ETSEQ
Big name in musicals MGM
Big trouble HOTWATER
Bites like a beaver GNAWS
Blow one's top LOSEIT
Boffo review RAVE
Boston skyscraper, with ''the'' PRU
Bother a lot NAG
Brace coupler, at times YOKE
Bright-colored birds TANAGERS
Buttonhole, e.g. SLIT
Carrier to Ben-Gurion ELAL
Chance for a hit ATBAT
Charity distributors ALMONERS
Chip source POTATO
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
City rtes. STS
Classic computer game MYST
Computer options list MENU
Conductance unit MHO
Corn Belt state IOWA
Cracked the books READ
Crew-team members OARS
Criticize RIP
Dance step SUSIEQ
Denis of ''Rescue Me'' LEARY
Department of a city paper METRO
Dish (out) METE
Dissect grammatically PARSE
Doggie POOCH
Drink with tempura SAKE
Drive away REPEL
Electrical pioneer TESLA
Eleventh-hour LATE
Ersatz SHAM
Every other hurricane HER
Exams for srs. SATS
Experiment with TEST
Fancy spread PATE
Female soldiers in WWII WACS
Fictional sleuth Wolfe NERO
Fingerprint, perhaps CLUE
Gardener's purchase BULB
Geometry calculation AREA
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Glove material LATEX
Go one better than TOP
Good-luck piece HORSESHOE
Hacienda rooms SALAS
Hat part BRIM
Heavy load ONUS
Hornets' org. NBA
Humdinger LULU
Initials in the news UPI
Isaac's eldest ESAU
Isn't for you? ARENT
It's one-dimensional LINE
Jazz singer Carmen MCRAE
Jetty QUAY
Kid-lit thief GRINCH
Knife for a hobbyist XACTO
Lake craft CANOE
Lock inventor Linus YALE
Look high and low SEARCH
Lumberjacks AXEMEN
Lunches with crunches BLTS
Man-mouse link ORA
Manhandle PAWAT
Massive blue-white shiners BSTARS
Mauna __ LOA
Mediterranean port ORAN
MP's quarry AWOL
New Deal org. WPA
News bulletin UPDATE
Old furnace fuel COAL
On target TRUE
Pizzeria fixture OVEN
Place for a peck CHEEK
Play the siren TEMPT
Porker's place STY
Prince Albert's country MONACO
Pro tallies YESVOTES
Protagonist HERO
Reeling with love ASWOON
Sabbath sales proscriptions BLUELAWS
Satellite navigation letters GPS
Sci-fi author Stanislaw LEM
Sci-fi zapper RAYGUN
Scintilla IOTA
Secret-keeping, so to speak NOTELL
Senate messengers PAGES
Settle a debt REPAY
Shiloh soldier REB
Showed favoritism SIDED
Singer's syllables LALA
Social outcast PARIAH
Sorrowful sort RUER
South Seas staple TARO
Spoke excitedly ENTHUSED
Spud spots EYES
St. __ fire ELMOS
Stomach sound GROWL
Swiss mathematician EULER
Talk the talk BRAG
Teasing tributes ROASTS
The auld sod ERIN
Thurber's fantasizer MITTY
Tireless transport SLED
To boot ALSO
Toil away at WORKON
Top-notch service ACE
Trapped like __ ARAT
Tribal leader ELDER
Troubadours' instruments LUTES
Unhelpful answer WHOWANTSTOKNOW
Unhelpful answer GOASKYOURMOTHER
Unhelpful answer BEATSME
Unhelpful answer ITSANYONESGUESS
Unhelpful answer BECAUSEISAIDSO
Verily YEA
Went undercover SPIED
Whole bunches SLEWS
Wound up first WONOUT
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