How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 18 2011

''Brady Bunch'' boy GREG
''Come __'' (welcome words) ONIN
''Up and __!'' ATEM
''War of Currents'' combatant EDISON
A third of LVII XIX
Appealed earnestly PLED
Apple variety NORTHERNSPY
Atlanta-based station TBS
Aural reflection ECHO
Aztec conquistador CORTES
Barbecue residue ASH
Camping pest GNAT
Campus sports org NCAA
Captain Ahab feature PEGLEG
Capture SEIZE
Chinese dynasty MING
Confused state HAZE
Cravings YENS
Cyberspace spot SITE
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Entertainment offering SHOW
Enthralled with INTO
Erstwhile dance hall DISCO
Fails to be ISNT
Father of France PERE
Former frosh SOPH
Garden access PATH
Genesis 6-9 VIP NOAH
Gone from the plate EATEN
Grazing area LEA
Greek column style IONIC
Harshness RIGOR
Have a place EXIST
Hilary's ''Million Dollar Baby'' costar CLINT
Informal instrument KAZOO
Isn't up to par AILS
It may be a lot ACRE
Lemon zester, basically RASP
Lyricist's quest RHYME
Mental tendency SLANT
Mitigate EASE
Moussaka ingredient ONION
Moviegoer's candy SNOCAP
Musical span OCTAVE
Newspaper notices LEGALS
North American rodent KANGAROORAT
Nursery collection TOYS
One of the Simpsons LISA
Parlor acquisition TATTOO
Part of some chairs SLAT
Part of VHF VERY
Payroll IDs SSNS
Personal belief IDEA
Pool person STENO
Quidditch player's objective THEGOLDENSNITCH
Railway storage areas SHEDS
Replay technique SLOMO
Sheer fabric TOILE
Shepherd's pie ingredient POTATO
Sign of healing SCAB
Slangy turndown IXNAY
Solemn observance RITE
Soup pasta ORZO
Splendidly stately REGAL
Tasks ''in the fire'' IRONS
Three times THRICE
Toulouse turndown NON
Traditional Navajo dwelling HOGAN
Tree decoration STAR
Tries to learn ASKS
Urban area CITY
Venetian valediction CIAO
Vertical-transport giant OTIS
Very short putt TAPIN
Winter angler's device ICESAW
Wolverine kin OTTER
Word before day, pay, or bay SICK
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