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Newsday.com Nov 16 2008

''Airport'' star HELENHAYES
''Arthur'' star JOHNGIELGUD
''Exodus'' protagonist ARI
''In what way?'' HOWSO
''In your dreams!'' ASIF
''It wasn't me!,'' e.g. DENIAL
''No fooling!'' IMEANIT
''Nothing but net'' sound SWISH
''Rule, Britannia'' composer ARNE
''South Pacific'' composer RICHARDRODGERS
''The Graduate'' director MIKENICHOLS
''The Producers'' author/composer MELBROOKS
''The Way We Were'' composer MARVINHAMLISCH
''We're full!'' NOROOM
''West Side Story'' actress RITAMORENO
''Wheel of Fortune'' purchase ANI
''__ Eat Cake'' (Gershwin musical) LETEM
'70s tennis star ASHE
50+ org. AARP
A Musketeer ARAMIS
A thousand G's MIL
Actor Holbrook HAL
Air hero ACE
Aleutian island ATTU
Alpine girl of fiction HEIDI
Ancient Peruvian INCAN
Andean capital LIMA
Approve SAYYES
Après-ski drink COCOA
Arsenal supply AMMO
As a group ENMASSE
Back end of a bray HAW
Big Apple opera venue THEMET
Big galoot LUG
Bites hard CHOMPS
Blinds piece SLAT
Boom-box inserts CDS
Boxer Laila ALI
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Camp __ (Marine base) LEJEUNE
Car-seat attachment HEADREST
Cara of ''Fame'' IRENE
Catches, then passes OVERTAKES
Charged atom ION
Cobble, for example PAVE
Coffeehouse lineup URNS
Computer-screen symbol ICON
Courses of thought TENORS
Craftsperson SMITH
Crib plaything RATTLE
Crime-lab sample DNA
Crooning cowboy AUTRY
Cry of distress YELP
Cupid alias EROS
Declare untrue DENY
Deplane GETOFF
Destroyer, in Navy slang TINCAN
Detroit NFL team LIONS
Disaster-relief org. FEMA
Draws, as a magnet ATTRACTS
Economics datum STAT
Ellington Orchestra title subway ATRAIN
Ex-governor Romney MITT
Fine wool MERINO
Gal's date GUY
Gauguin hangout TAHITI
Get from __ (progress slowly) ATOB
Get-up-and-go OOMPH
Gets in shape TONESUP
Gets mellower AGES
Gives a heads-up to ALERTS
Gives a new name to RELABELS
Golf-scorecard numbers PARS
GPS reading ENE
Gymnastics apparatus HORSE
Hamm of soccer MIA
Hangs in there LASTS
Hardly rosy-cheeked PALE
Hill bigwig: Abbr. SEN
In alignment TRUE
In the lead ONTOP
Industry leaders CZARS
Informal instrument KAZOO
Jacks or hearts GAME
Jed Clampett portrayer EBSEN
JFK debate opponent RMN
Lawyers' employers FIRMS
Least possible FEWEST
Leaves port SETSSAIL
Like a dirty chimney SOOTY
London district SOHO
Lot size, perhaps ONEACRE
Lucie's brother DESI
More lowbrow TRASHIER
Musher's need SLED
Nautical prefix ASTRO
Neural transmitter AXON
New Age pianist John TESH
Noggin BEAN
Not on the road ATHOME
Not so risky SURER
O'Neill title trees ELMS
Observe NOTE
Of milk LACTIC
Overdid the TLC DOTED
Part of UAR ARAB
Participate in crew ROW
Patches up SEWS
Piano-key wood EBONY
Places for book titles SPINES
Playing marbles AGATES
Poker-pot starter ANTE
Renter's paper LEASE
Rio de __ (Buenos Aires' river) LAPLATA
Rolls radials TYRES
Roth plan IRA
Scoop holder CONE
Shatters SMASHES
Smart-mouthed PERT
Snooty attitude AIRS
St. Teresa's city AVILA
Stamp-issuing org. USPS
Steam outlet VENT
Stockholm native SWEDE
Suburban pest MOLE
Suffix for tank ARD
Suffix with legal ESE
Tabloids twosome ITEM
Take a stab at TRY
Tall stories TALES
Temporarily lost MISLAIN
Ticked off RILED
Timeline divisions ERAS
To __ (without exception) AMAN
Tom Sawyer's half-brother SID
Type of pasta SHELLS
Up to the task ABLE
Use the kiddie pool WADE
USN officer CDR
Very close by RIGHTHERE
Was wild about ADORED
Wash up LAVE
Wields, as influence EXERTS
Wolfs down ENGORGES
WWII journalist PYLE
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