How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 15 2009

''Et __'' (and others: Lat.) ALII
''On Golden Pond'' Oscar winner FONDA
''Peculiar'' starter IDIO
''The Big Easy'' NOLA
''The French Lieutenant's Woman'' author FOWLES
'70s tennis star ASHE
123 Down of India CHAI
Act to limit CLAMPDOWNON
Actor Corey HAIM
Ancient Greek theaters ODEA
Asperse MALIGN
At the movies, maybe ONADATE
Audiophile's vinyl LPS
Author Bagnold ENID
Auto safety device AIRBAG
Barbecue fare RIBS
Baseball-cap bird ORIOLE
Beauty-pageant attire SASH
Become displeased with SOURON
Begley and Wynn EDS
Benjamin Button portrayer PITT
Besmirch TAINT
Biblical prophet SAMUEL
Big-10 sch. OSU
Blunted sword EPEE
Bolshevik foe TSAR
Break in Bolivia SIESTA
Brewed beverage TEA
Briefs, briefly BVDS
Cabinet dept. HHS
Cake cross-section TIER
California county NAPA
Card combination MELD
Card with one pip ACE
Charlie Parker's jazz style BOP
CIO partner AFL
Citi Field player NYMET
Come to a standstill CEASE
Complain bitterly RAIL
Conclaves: Abbr. MTGS
Cookoff food, perhaps CHILI
Czech composer SMETANA
Desert lilies SEGOS
Difference of opinion GAP
Discord UNREST
Drew Barrymore's great-aunt ETHEL
Drive forward IMPEL
Drop in on GOSEE
Duet x 4 OCTET
East African nation KENYA
Erstwhile NBC legal drama LALAW
Exude OOZE
Find fault CARP
Finish with ENDON
Finished DONE
Finished negotiations HAMMEREDOUTADEAL
Five-star monogram DDE
Form 1040 IDs SSNS
Former New Jersey college UPSALA
Four-time Indy 500 winner ALUNSER
Fourth dimension TIME
Get close CUDDLE
Give up CEDE
Greek peak OSSA
Greek war god ARES
Greenland explorer ERIC
Gung-ho AVID
Haberdashery buy TIETAC
Hardly likely SLIM
Having difficulty INASPOT
Horror-film series addr. ELMST
Hotel-suite amenity WETBAR
Household pests VERMIN
HS proficiency test GED
Human Resources holding PERSONNELFILE
Keep secret HIDE
Marching practice CLOSEORDERDRILL
Marco Polo destination FAREAST
Marine NCOs SGTS
Mex. misses SRTAS
MIT grad, perhaps ENGR
Need repair FAIL
New Deal initials FDR
New York city ELMIRA
Nissan's former name DATSUN
Nod off DOZE
Not docked ASEA
Nuclear-physics devices PHOTOMULTIPLIERS
Nutritional amt. RDA
Opportunist of a sort LOOTER
Orchestra section REEDS
Pakistani language URDU
Part of EMT EMER
Pedigree org. AKC
Piquant TANGY
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Poker declaration IFOLD
Poorly ILL
Prefix for present OMNI
Pro-education org. PTA
Process part STEP
Protest singer Phil OCHS
Province of Spain LEON
Put everything in order GETSQUAREDAWAY
Revise, as text EDIT
Rising higher TALLER
River near the Louvre SEINE
Roughly speaking ORSO
Scottish hillside BRAE
Shakespearean teen ROMEO
Shining AGLOW
Silents' star sisters GISHES
Singer Orbison ROY
Soaring HIGH
Some neutron stars PULSARS
Southeast Asian language LAO
Spicy dips SALSAS
Storm center EYE
Successful triathlete IRONMAN
Suffix for smack EROO
Surfing the Net ONLINE
Tasted ATE
Tennis surface LAWN
Texas city's nickname BIGD
Theater divider AISLE
Theosophical concept ASTRALPLANE
Thurman of Hollywood UMA
Twangy-sounding NASAL
Use a napkin WIPE
Visual communication: Abbr. ASL
Votes in ELECTS
Walked on TROD
Way out DOOR
With it AWARE
With many of AMONG
Witty remark QUIP
Wool-coat owner EWE
__ polloi HOI
__-Mart WAL
__-Xer GEN
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