How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 11 2009

''Crude'' fuel OIL
''Go on, git!'' SHOO
''High'' or ''low'' water TIDE
''Ta-da!'' VOILA
53 Down at a party STAG
Alamogordo blast ATEST
Album with clippings SCRAPBOOK
America's uncle SAM
As a companion ALONG
Ballpark entry device TURNSTILE
Bar fixtures TAPS
Bard's river AVON
Biblical shepherd ABEL
Big party GALA
Black and white predator ORCA
Bloom holder STEM
Bullring cries OLES
Cabinet department STATE
Cartoon collectible CEL
Checked credentials, briefly IDED
Crafts partner ARTS
Dashboard letters MPH
Dateless ALONE
Die down ABATE
Downhill vehicle SLED
Dr. of rap DRE
Egg holder NEST
Evergreen trees YEWS
Fibula neighbor TIBIA
Finish ENDUP
Gait rates PACES
Galoot LUG
Group that roars PRIDE
In the area LOCAL
Iowa city AMES
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
Lode rocks ORES
Lodge members ELKS
Loses solidity MELTS
Lyricist Lorenz HART
Mascara target LASH
Mil. fliers USAF
Natural spring SPA
Notation to pause COMMA
Out of style PASSE
Perch for a tyke LAP
Perfect places EDENS
Perfection for collectibles MINTCONDITION
Portal DOOR
Post-office purchase STAMP
Prepare presents WRAP
Prepare to pray, perhaps KNEEL
Reunion attendee ALUM
Roman orator CATO
Royal headgear TIARA
Rum mixers COLAS
Sherlock Holmes in '40s films BASILRATHBONE
Sign of things to come OMEN
Son of Seth ENOS
Steelworker's fastener RIVET
Story to tell TALE
Swarms (with) TEEMS
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Take as one's own ADOPT
Tank filler GAS
Tankard filler ALE
Tax month APRIL
They're caught by goalies PUCKS
Use flattery CURRYFAVOR
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Very funny one RIOT
Waikiki dance HULA
Washer fillers LOADS
Wear on one's conscience EATAT
Words of wisdom SAGEADVICE
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