How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 04 2018

''Big Brother'' airer cbstv
''Jeopardy!'' name alex
''The Daily Show'' host noah
131 Angler's apparel vest
132 Inert gas xenon
133 Snarky snide
134 Malamutes' burden sled
A bunch of many
Actor McKellen ian
Alias introducer aka
All in place neat
Allegation claim
Amassed, as a tab ranup
American Beauty kin tearose
Angle measure, in math radian
Annual multi-sport awards espys
Apple ''all-in-one'' computer imac
Approaches nears
Ate quickly, so to speak inhaled
Bad-tempered boss ogre
Banishment exile
Basic cable channel tbs
Basic nature essence
Be of use avail
Besides, with ''from'' apart
Bibliography abbr etal
Big Apple baseballers mets
Boxing category cruiserweight
Bracelet adornment charm
Break quickly snap
Brownish photo tint sepia
Bucks and toms males
Carpentry joint tenon
Caused to separate tore
Certain House members lords
Change the decor of redo
Charters hires
Common Father's Day gifts shirts
Compass reading ene
Concert venue arena
Criticisms raps
Cry of approval ole
Curtain support rod
Debussy's sea mer
Defeated in chess mated
Dense shrubbery thicket
Director Kazan elia
Disney World shuttle tram
Domino, for instance tile
Drive home, as a base runner batin
Drivetrain shafts axles
Email folder heading sent
Empty container's weight tare
End of a 1/1 song syne
Fabric of the earliest parachutes silk
Family room den
Fast-running bird emu
FDR, but not TR dem
Fearsome dino trex
Fish-fowl connector nor
Frat letter sigma
Friend of Tarzan ape
Gangster portrayer in ''Some Like It Hot'' georgeraft
Genealogy chart tree
Go-to person expert
Golfer's reservations teetimes
Headquarters base
In itself perse
Inflexible stern
Inflexible person hardliner
Iowa State's city ames
Isle of __ (spot in the Irish Sea) man
LAX posting eta
Least cordial iciest
Longest French river loire
Looked cheerful smiled
Mad Hatter guest alice
Make coincident sync
Misjudgment error
Mount climbed by Moses sinai
Neighbor of Thailand laos
Ninth president's nickname tippecanoe
Not-so-small bills tens
Numbered musical work opus
Occupied, as an apartment tenanted
Occupy, as a desk sitat
Olive discards pits
One way to cook veal saute
Orbiting debris spacejunk
Organic sound transmitter eardrum
Overly sweet stuff treacle
Part of a barbecue rack rib
PC program holder cdrom
Pennsylvania port erie
Phases of projects stages
Picnic side dish slaw
Pop singer Amos tori
Post of etiquette emily
Pre-K kids tots
Prince Harry alma mater eton
Produce purchase pears
Remove gradually erode
Rightmost sundial numeral iii
Rudely interrupt bargeinon
Rummage (through) rifle
Running speed trot
Salty septet seas
Salutation in the 'hood bro
Saying nothing mum
Scandinavian furniture seller ikea
Second knighted Beatle starr
Sense of diplomacy tact
Short-term staff temps
Simpsons creator Groening matt
Sized up rated
Slice of history era
Slice of history age
Slow-cooked stewed
Small bills ones
Smog-watching agcy epa
Social standing, for short rep
Some Halloween wear masks
Spanish finger food tapas
Spicy sandwich sausages salamis
Sporting sneakers or sandals shod
Spot on a playing card pip
Start of a bray hee
Suffix for stock ade
Surfers' shopping place emall
Swerves off course yaws
Talk like Daffy Duck lisp
The __ Lama dalai
Thrifty shopper, perhaps couponclipper
Tool with a razor blade boxcutter
Train line list stops
Turntable part tonearm
Twill fabric serge
Two-Oscar de Havilland olivia
Type of charity tourney proam
USC team trojans
Varnish ingredient resin
Venerable kids' cereal trix
Vexed sore
Window covering drape
Wise advisor sage
__ avis (unusual thing) rara
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