How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 02 2014

''Gone With the Wind'' (1964)/''Avatar'' (today) HIGHESTGROSSINGMOVIE
''Now I get it!'' AHA
007 adversary DRNO
100,265 places (1964)/5 trillion+ (today) MOSTACCURATEVALUEOFPI
60+ mph (1964)/149 mph (today) FASTESTROLLERCOASTER
ABA member ATT
Acidic, to a chemist LOWPH
Adrian VI (1964)/Francis (today) LASTNONITALIANPOPE
All Saints' Day mo NOV
Anti-fur org PETA
Banned insecticide DDT
Bar bottle RYE
Basic belief TENET
Biology 101 topic OSMOSIS
Bottle parts NECKS
Cable-service add-ons DVRS
Calamitous DIRE
Canada (1964)/France (today) MOSTVISITEDCOUNTRY
Carpool-lane letters HOV
Chapter of history ERA
Chimney duct FLUE
Chum PAL
CIO partner AFL
City in Oklahoma ENID
Cockpit announcement ETA
Cold brew ICEDTEA
Comical FUNNY
Comics cry EEK
Conservatory offering RECITAL
Coupled conjunction ANDOR
Courage NERVE
Coyote or lion PREDATOR
Creatively skilled ARTISTIC
Denny's rival IHOP
Dilemma components HORNS
Downton Abbey employee SERVANT
Drenched WET
Drs.' grp AMA
E. Berlin was its capital GDR
End of the ASPCA's URL ORG
Ending for express IVE
Enter a freeway MERGE
Evenly matched EQUAL
Everyplace you look ALLOVER
Examine closely EYE
Exceeding MORETHAN
Family tree entry ANCESTOR
Farm products CROPS
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Favorable vote YEA
Feathery scarf BOA
Fern seed SPORE
Fishing gear NET
Fix __ (do tire repair) AFLAT
Four-sharps key EMAJOR
Fraternal grp BPOE
Frigidaire competitor AMANA
Georgia airport code ATL
Get new actors RECAST
GI morale booster USO
Ginnie __ MAE
Golf-lesson subject GRIP
Gore predecessor QUAYLE
GPS reading WSW
Grand Canyon beast BURRO
Guns, as an engine REVS
Has too much, informally ODS
Have memorized KNOW
Hour after noon ONE
Indications SIGNS
Jacuzzi spray JET
Lake: Fr LAC
Lasting mark SCAR
Lee of cakes SARA
Legendary Rhine maiden LORELEI
Lose traction SLIDE
Lowest high tide NEAP
Mag. insert ADVT
Male turkeys TOMS
Mauna __ LOA
May honoree MOM
Medical drips IVS
Most unfavorable WORST
Mrs. Flintstone WILMA
Nonprescription, for short OTC
Novelist Deighton LEN
Oath affirmation IDO
Office switchboard nos EXTS
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Org. with Wizards and Warriors NBA
Oscar role for Marlon VITO
Ostrich cousin EMU
Other than BESIDES
Out of view UNSEEN
Pantry invader ANT
Part of the UK ENG
Penny-__ (insignificant) ANTE
Perk up LIVEN
Personal perspective OPINION
Picnic discards COBS
Pinnacle TIP
Plot in a garden BED
Poet's preposition ERE
Poisonous TOXIC
Prank GAG
Priced individually EACH
Prime-time hour TEN
Printed version HARDCOPY
Proverbial crowd THREE
Public address SPEECH
Radioactive element ASTATINE
Rapturous verse ODES
Revise writing EDIT
Rorschach pattern INKBLOT
Rushes towards RUNSAT
Russian revolutionary LENIN
Samoa studier MEAD
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Shade of green AVOCADO
Shamrock, for instance CLOVER
Slim and trim SVELTE
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Soccer position GOALIE
Spy missions, briefly OPS
Stitch up SEW
Strong cleaner LYE
Tack on ATTACH
Take pictures SHOOT
Tallest Monty Python member CLEESE
That lady SHE
Therefore HENCE
Truncated wd ABBR
Uncommon sense ESP
Upturned, as a carton ONEND
Vacation plan TRIP
Venomous snakes ASPS
Vertical-transportation company OTIS
Vocalized SANG
Wagner work OPERA
Wasn't colorfast BLED
Wild guess STAB
Windy-day fun KITING
Withdraw officially SECEDE
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