How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 02 2008

''Cats'' starts with it HARDC
''Friends'' role ROSS
''Mamma Mia!'' music source ABBA
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
''Simpsons'' clerk APU
''Star Trek'' captain KIRK
Actress Falco EDIE
Adorable CUTE
Alternatively ELSE
Annoy from the audience HECKLE
As you like it TOORDER
Assembly-line workers ROBOTS
Astrological ram ARIES
Attractive ones EYEFULS
Author Jaffe RONA
Author Segal ERICH
Auto mechanic's stock SPAREPARTS
Avoid embarrassment SAVEFACE
Avoids a bogey MAKESPAR
Bach works CHORALES
Bathday cake SOAP
Be overfond DOTE
Bearing MIEN
Biblical king DAVID
Bit of a branch TWIG
Box-office buy TICKET
Brandy drink STINGER
Bring to bear EXERT
Brings back home, in a way REPATRIATES
Business bigwig TITAN
Cardinal point WEST
Cast header STAR
CCCL doubled DCC
Central American capital BELMOPAN
Changes course suddenly VEERS
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Church section APSE
Classroom accessory GLOBE
Consider DEEM
Corporate logos, e.g. TRADEMARKS
Cuts into cubes DICES
Deal preceder ANTE
Deep black RAVEN
Despicable BASE
Ends up with NETS
Engage in a '20s fad POLESIT
Explanation introducer IMEAN
Farm food HAY
Fax ancestor TELEX
Fiery orators DEMAGOGUES
Former Milan money LIRA
From Frankfurt: Abbr. GER
Fruit cover RIND
Fury IRE
Golf great Sam SNEAD
GPS displays RTES
Group of five PENTAD
Had on WORE
Hindu ascetic FAKIR
Hoods' weapons GATS
In the past AGO
Inconsistent DISCREPANT
Isn't straight LEANS
Japanese belief SHINTO
Jingle writers ADMEN
Joints with caps KNEES
Keep __ to the ground ANEAR
Kiss, so to speak SMACK
Kitchen conclusion ETTE
Kitchen conduit GASPIPE
Latin list ender ETALIA
Learn (about) HEAR
Llama relative CAMEL
Long-snouted beast TAPIR
Luggage attachment IDTAG
Magician's skill LEGERDEMAIN
Makings of a summer cooler LEMONADEMIX
McCourt memoir TIS
Medicine-chest bottle ASPIRIN
Mexican holiday CINCODEMAYO
Mideast capital AMMAN
Nautical direction APORT
Newton's first name ISAAC
Norwegian royal name OLAV
Not around ABSENT
Not really ready ILLPREPARED
O'Donnell of TV ROSIE
Office document LEASE
Omega preceders PSIS
Oriole or Angel ALER
Out of whack ASKEW
Paper damage TEAR
Part of AFL AMER
Partner of Lewis CLARK
PDA entry APPT
Place for cocktails PIANOBAR
Play starter ACTI
Printer's purchase INK
Pub game DARTS
Ran easily LOPED
Ranch beast STEER
Reagan Cabinet member HAIG
Reagan Cabinet member MEESE
Red veggie BEET
Remnant TRACE
Sandwich shops DELIS
Secretarial work MEMOS
Sheep-loser of rhyme BOPEEP
Ship of 1492 NINA
Silly smile SIMPER
Small brook RILL
Social stratum CASTE
Software test versions BETAS
Solemn affirmation IDO
Somewhat uncommon pet FERRET
Sort of salmon LOX
Spirals and shells PASTA
Spouse MATE
Steak topping SAUCE
Street, in Seville CALLE
Strike down SMITE
Stuck with HELDTO
Sweater style VEENECK
Synonym-loving physician ROGET
Titled Brits EARLS
Top-rated BEST
Totaled RANTO
Tour de France participant RACER
Turkish title PASHA
Unattached LOOSE
Wall St. news LBOS
Warner __ BROS
Was a bother to HASSLED
Whirlpool rival AMANA
Writing, essentially LINES
Yale student ELI
__ together (assembles) PIECES
__-Japanese War RUSSO
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