How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 31 2014

''Awake in the Dark'' author EBERT
''Daily Reveille'' publisher LSU
''I am a woman first of all'' source NIN
18 Across called it ''truly dreadful'' ISHTAR
1994 Peace Nobelist PERES
Abbr. for a word also with abbrs. by its first two, or first four, or first five letters THU
Absolutely new HOT
Back without reservations SWEARBY
Brief news item TWEET
Brown __ ALE
Called out, perhaps UMPIRED
Cavity extraction ORE
Combs with care SCOURS
Common file name MISC
Contest BATTLE
Crowd pleasers STARTURNS
Destined SURE
Dictator's command OPENPARENTHESIS
Doesn't mess with LETSBE
E-scam investigators FBIMEN
Father of the Disney Renaissance MUFASA
Frat letter TAU
Genetics markers, perhaps: Abbr TAS
Harrison, for at least four Beatles songs SITARIST
He did ''Are You Lonesome Tonight?'' 10 years before Presley JOLSON
High-tech trial, for short SIM
Hobby for Holmes VIOLIN
It may be a stretch RUN
Last stronghold of the Vietnam War AMERICANEMBASSY
Last words of the first ''Garfield'' strip FEEDME
Lentil, essentially SEED
Like it? NEUTER
Literally, ''he holds'' TENET
Little dig CARP
Little dig BARB
Lower classes INTROS
Much of it comes from Sanskrit THAI
Multiple of XXV and XXVI DCL
NL Central team MIL
One hoping to rise JUNIOREXECUTIVE
Opposite of ''together'' APIECE
Out of the outbox SENT
Possible cupcake ingredient GRAPESODA
President Ford chief of staff CHENEY
Profit potential UPSIDE
Protection from falls STEELTOE
Put to use EXERT
Royal Society cofounder WREN
Seven swimmers of song SWANS
Some State Fair contestants ROPERS
Sound often heard after a slap DUH
Suit presser, for short ATTY
Triglycerides, for example ESTERS
Tucked in ATE
VIP of Tacitus' ''Annals'' NERO
What a certain rake will remove CATHAIR
When Natl. Candy Corn Day is OCT
Where Trotsky went to grade school ODESSA
Willing participants ENLISTEES
World's largest peninsula ARABIA
__ mill GIN
__.org (home of a Peachtree St.-based musical group) ASO
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