How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 30 2018

''Darn it!'' dang
''For __ a jolly good fellow'' hes
''Tonight Show'' host before Fallon leno
''What's __ for me?'' init
''Yep!'' uhhuh
''__ Land'' (2016 musical film) lala
A US alliance nato
Agitated shakenup
Ale serving pint
Approximation estimate
At the apex of atop
Augmented with added
Baking appliance oven
Be deserving of earn
Be helpful aid
Cake decorator icer
Chooses, with ''for'' opts
Considerable weight heft
Creative thought idea
Curved letter ess
Declare aver
Disneyland and Six Flags amusementparks
Disparage abase
Dormmate roomie
Droop sag
Dutch cheese edam
Employs uses
End of a yr dec
Fast transatlantic trips airplaneflights
Foul ball caller ump
Freeway exit ramp
Fully grown mature
Garfield's doggie pal odie
Gem from an oyster pearl
Gem measure carat
Goose sound honk
Greek vowel eta
Hold responsible blame
Horses' hair manes
Hot tub spa
India's first prime minister nehru
Lasso loop noose
Mirror reflection image
Molecule part atom
Movie excerpt scene
Muscle twitch tic
Nuisance pest
Out of fashion passe
Outer-space agency nasa
Outward manner mien
Paper fasteners clips
Passed out the cards dealt
Peruse read
Poems of praise odes
Point a finger at accuse
Powerball and Mega Millions statelotteries
Prefix for dynamic aero
Quickly apace
Remove a disguise from unmask
Scratchy-throated hoarse
Shorthand expert steno
Snowsuit attachment mitten
Societal customs mores
Soon, to a bard anon
Soybean curd tofu
Speak utter
Spooky eerie
Squishy soft
Three-legged stand easel
TV political network cspan
Understands sees
Understood got
Urban pollution smog
Waterproof covering tarp
Where Roma is capital italia
__ of honor (wedding official) matron
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