How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 29 2019

''Hey you!'' whisper psst
''Scrambled'' servings eggs
''That didn't work'' nosoap
''Zip-a-Dee-Doo-__'' dah
007 creator Fleming ian
Actress Hatcher teri
All ready set
Anger ire
Area for urban renewal slum
Assists in a crime abets
Attempts, informally stabs
Battleship letters uss
Be regretful rue
Be told of hear
Biblical pronoun thou
Big name at Disneyland walt
Buffalo's lake erie
Bump __ (encounter) into
Cherished dear
Clinic staffer: Abbr lpn
Cow's chew cud
Cow's sounds moos
Decorative plaster stucco
Defeat soundly thrash
Demeanors miens
Designer Lauren ralph
Display of anger rage
Does pull-ups chins
Dog's foot paw
Early afternoon one
Easiest-to-do objectives lowhangingfruit
Equipment gear
False friend rat
Fifty-something's weight gain middleagespread
Football distances yards
Fret (over) stew
Go off on a __ (digress) tangent
Hard slaps swats
Have optimism hope
Headed for overtime tied
Highway hauler semi
Hotshot fighter pilots aces
House of worship temple
Instinctive impulses urges
Invigorate pepup
It's south of Penna del
Justice Sotomayor sonia
Make over, to modernize redo
Makes a fool of dupes
Nautical mop swab
Nimble deft
No longer worth arguing about moot
Nothing at all nil
Numero __ (the boss) uno
Nutmeg, for instance spice
Pageant crowns tiaras
Passes, as legislation enacts
Plumlike fruit sloe
Prefix with scope or meter peri
Pretense sham
Pull guitar strings pluck
Reporter's informant source
Reverberate echo
Secret agent spy
Slows, as flows stems
Southern Arizona city yuma
Superman's insignia ess
Take into custody arrest
Tire pressure meas psi
Two less than penta- tri
Voltage conduit hightensionwire
West Point team army
Wife of Zeus hera
Wintry precipitation snow
Woodwind instrument oboe
__ for the course (normal) par
__ mater alma
__ out a living eke
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