How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 28 2019

''60 Minutes'' network cbs
''And here it is!'' voila
''Eureka!'' aha
''Fresh as a daisy,'' e.g simile
''Gone with the Wind'' estate tara
401, in Roman numerals cdi
Acapulco affirmatives sisi
Begin start
Body art, for short tat
Box with bandages and gauze firstaidkit
Bread with a pocket pita
Brief satiric routine skit
Brother of Moses aaron
Butterfly catcher net
Cars autos
Climbing vines ivies
Closed hand fist
Concerning warships naval
Curved letter ess
December sleigh driver santa
Declare openly avow
Dodge skillfully elude
Evening news hr tenpm
Family room den
Flower stalk stem
Food for livestock fodder
Footwear for the trail hikingboots
Glorify exalt
Golfer's reservation teetime
Hawaiian carvings tikis
Hot room at a spa sauna
In the distance afar
Invitation abbreviation rsvp
Irritable testy
Kitchen cover-up apron
Korean car kia
Lamb or ram sheep
Least embellished barest
Mardi __ gras
Meadow lea
Miner's extraction ore
Much-loved dear
Nashville or New Orleans city
Needing to go faster tooslow
Nickname for a noncom sarge
No longer sleeping awake
Obtain get
Pianist's seat bench
Place for a mural wall
Precaution for drinking waterfilter
Reheat in a microwave nuke
Satellite's path orbit
Seeming contradiction paradox
Something to whisper into ear
Sounds from a 14 Across baabaa
Soup-cooking vessel pot
Staff on a ship crew
Start of a valentine phrase ilove
Still competitive alive
Strong and healthy fit
Student's test exam
The S in ASPCA society
Therefore hence
Tiny bits iotas
Tourney round, briefly elim
Twig-cutting tool pocketknife
U-turn from NNE ssw
Under the weather ill
Unimportant mere
Visit in one's car driveby
Walk off the stage exit
Was familiar with knewof
Wine in Italian sauces marsala
Wintry Russian region siberia
Without a warranty asis
__ de Janeiro rio
__ schedule (late) behind
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