How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 15 2019

''Frozen'' snow queen elsa
''Garfield'' dog odie
''Got it'' isee
''Hot'' Mexican food tamale
''The Greatest'' boxer ali
''Time is money,'' e.g adage
. . . around the house domestichelper
. . . on Capitol Hill senatorialaide
. . . with tooth care dentalassistant
Aerialist's insurance net
Allow let
Audit pros, for short cpas
Back muscle, for short lat
Back-to-zero button reset
Banister rail
Be a braggart boast
Bewilder daze
Big family clan
Billiards stick cue
Buddhist priests lamas
Bus terminal depot
Caesar's language latin
Comic Rudner rita
Connection to a web page link
Drained of color pale
Eats nothing fasts
Fast-moving rapid
Formal ceremony rite
Grade-school support orgs ptas
Greeting at a luau aloha
Guitar great __ Paul les
Hairdos styles
Helpful hints tips
In pieces apart
Jeans fabric denim
Land amidst water isle
Lower leg shin
Make ecstatic elate
Misbehaving bad
Modern song genre rap
Modify formally amend
Mountains through Chile andes
Neighborhood area
Notion idea
Olympics burning symbol flame
One-in-a-million rare
Overly stylish arty
Parakeets and poodles pets
Part of ATM teller
Place for pirate loot chest
Place to picnic park
Poker pot starter ante
Potpie veggies peas
Rife with vegetation lush
Sent an invoice to billed
Shares an edge with abuts
Shipped off sent
Sleeper-car assignment berth
Soccer fans' cheers oles
State firmly aver
Studied carefully, with ''over'' pored
Swap trade
Take a stab at try
Take to court sue
Talk too much yak
Thumbs-up replies yeses
Tiny bit tad
Top-rated aone
Train schedule data: Abbr etas
Tubular pasta ziti
TV chef Deen paula
Understood by few arcane
Walrus' long teeth tusks
War-ending pact treaty
Well-mannered fellow gent
Whirling water eddy
Wickedness evil
__ shop (auto-repair facility) body
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