How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 15 2015

$5 bills ABES
''America the Beautiful'' pronoun HIS
''Garden of Earthly Delights'' painter BOSCH
''Veni'' ICAME
Andalusian attraction ALHAMBRA
Bangladesh capital, old-style DACCA
Befuddle DAZE
Bona fide REAL
Boy Scout recitation OATH
By authority of PER
Ceiling CAP
Cherishes ADORES
Choral rendition NOEL
City near Sparks RENO
City with a Maid Marian Way NOTTINGHAM
Cowpoke garb CHAPS
Date starter ANTE
Decipher READ
Declare AVER
Door hardware HASP
Emulates a hot dog PANTS
Figure of speech IDIOM
Flatten RAZE
Flee, so to speak BAIL
For peanuts CHEAP
Former New Zealand colony SAMOA
Franchise with stacks to sell IHOP
Handle it COPE
Handrail post NEWEL
Harsh cry BRAY
Hired hand AIDE
Hot stuff TAMALES
Humble houses HOVELS
Irish biscuit SCONE
It may be enough ONCE
Jam-pack CRAM
Jamaican guy MON
Knight stick LANCE
Lawlessness ANARCHY
Low-class establishment DIVE
Mental concoction IDEA
Moan about LAMENT
Motel inventory COTS
No further than UPTO
Not natural MANMADE
Object of a collar PERP
Obvious MARKED
Old hat STALE
Old term for dimes and quarters SILVER
One of the world's most popular names MOHAMMED
Painter of water lilies MONET
Party preparation DIP
Perfumed pouch SACHET
Place to shoot hoops YMCA
Sap sucker APHID
Send off MAIL
Send out EMIT
Sheet material LINEN
Shoe with circular holes CROC
Show displeasure HISS
Simba's foe SCAR
Slogs (through) WADES
Some nags MARES
Son of Gordius MIDAS
Staycation sites HOMES
Student's declaration MAJOR
Syrian __ Republic ARAB
Toddler RUGRAT
Tool powered by air JACKHAMMER
Toolbar symbol ICON
Trivial complaint NIT
Under-the-sink item CLEANER
Venturesome RASH
View finders EYES
Viewpoint section OPED
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