How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 06 2019

''Absolutely!'' yes
''Gee, I'm impressed!'' wow
''It's c-c-cold!'' brr
''Land of the free'': Abbr usa
''Look, I did it!'' tada
''No __, ands, or buts!'' ifs
''Those __ the days'' were
Actor Hanks or Cruise tom
Antlered animal elk
Available to buy forsale
Brief movie excerpt scene
Buffet with Tex-Mex shells tacobar
Car horn honks toots
Christmas seasons yules
Coin depicting FDR dime
Colas and ginger ales sodas
Competes (for) vies
Confronts faces
Curved part of the foot arch
Degree often held by a prof phd
Eat a sample of taste
Evaluated rated
Eye covering in a nightstand sleepmask
Fastening, as shoes tying
Fills with wonder awes
Foamy coffee with milk latte
Fork tine prong
Have a good cry weep
Hooting bird owl
Husband or wife mate
In the know aware
Keep in reserve save
Kids' summer getaway without bunks daycamp
Kindergarten basics abcs
Leave in a hurry flee
List-ending abbr etc
Machine for weaving loom
Mail out send
Makes public, as secrets exposes
Male sheep ram
Military trumpet bugle
Mom or dad parent
Muscle spasm cramp
Nightstand waker-upper alarmclock
Package mailed parcel
Person in a tub bather
Point opposite WNW ese
Reading aid on a nightstand tablelamp
Red ''McIntosh'' fruit apple
Round roofs domes
Salaried athlete pro
Sensible sane
Shakespeare's river avon
Ship's distress call sos
Ship's pole mast
Shoe bottoms soles
Sound of disapproval tsk
Squander waste
Squished, as potatoes mashed
Steamy spa spots saunas
Study hard cram
Summer and spring seasons
Take it easy relax
Taken by mouth oral
Tehran's country iran
Theater aisle worker usher
Third scale notes mis
Throat-clearing sound ahem
Tiny bit of land in the ocean islet
Trig or algebra math
Tubular illuminator in a nightstand flashlight
Untidy spot mess
Very pale ashen
Wanted to scratch itched
Wicked evil
Winter bug flu
__ for (choose) opt
__ in a blue moon once
__ Royal Highness (queen's title) her
__ Vegas, NV las
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