How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 06 2013

''Pow!'' WHAM
''Ready __, here I come!'' ORNOT
''So long!'' BYE
''Thick'' fast-food drinks SHAKES
''You got that right!'' ILLSAY
Accelerator or brake PEDAL
Acts like a suitor WOOS
Angelic music-maker HARP
Argentina's elongated neighbor CHILE
Assist, as a criminal ABET
Asterisk STAR
Auction-goods condition ASIS
Autumn apple beverage CIDER
Begin to understand SEETHELIGHT
Biblical garden EDEN
Boy or man MALE
Camel's Peruvian cousin LLAMA
Canyon sound ECHO
Checkout-counter backup LINE
Church vocal group CHOIR
Computer operator USER
Create MAKE
Curved lines ARCS
Detests HATES
Devout PIOUS
Diet-food phrase NOFAT
Digital music players IPODS
Do guard duty KEEPWATCH
Dog's neckwear COLLAR
Envelope part FLAP
Falls as frozen rain SLEETS
Flip-chart holders EASELS
Improve, as a manuscript EDIT
Intuitive feeling VIBE
Isn't selfish SHARES
Jewelry for fingers RINGS
Luau greeting ALOHA
Make a mistake ERR
Medical insurance co HMO
Mouse-catching device TRAP
Native American INDIAN
New Haven school YALE
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
No longer a minor OFAGE
Pants fabric CHINO
People from Copenhagen DANES
Plays ice hockey SKATES
Pork serving CHOP
Prince William's mom DIANA
Region AREA
Religious belief CREED
Remote-control button MUTE
Rocks that are mined ORES
Roof support BEAM
Rosebush sticker THORN
Sign of the future OMEN
Sixth sense: Abbr ESP
Skin opening PORE
Small-minded PETTY
Sofa or bench SEAT
Solemn promise OATH
Speedometer number: Abbr MPH
Start to melt THAW
Stereo records: Abbr LPS
Tablecloth fabric LINEN
Takes to court SUES
Think about the future LOOKAHEAD
Vocalist SINGER
Was willing to WOULD
Wedding-cake level TIER
What a furnace provides HEAT
Writing utensils PENS
__ down (pillow filling) EIDER
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