How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 05 2019

''Casablanca'' line for Ilsa playitsam
''Dapper'' guy dan
''Figure it out for yourself!'' dothemath
''Gladiator'' Oscar winner crowe
''Kyrie __'' (Mass movement) eleison
''Rubáiyát'' poet omar
''Toodle-oo!'' tata
''What's it gonna be?'' yesorno
''__ been a long time'' ithas
''__ yesterday'' yasin
'60s battleground nam
131 Swirling water eddy
132 23 Across rival Lauder estee
132 Across' granddaughter Lauder aerin
133 Finishes in first wins
134 Goat-legged deities fauns
15-year CBS series csi
Added up madesense
After expenses net
All over again anew
Atlas closeup inset
Back talk lip
Bad mood snit
Beast of Borneo orang
Bêtes __ (bugaboos) noires
Biblical verb ending eth
Bottle part neck
Brain of a PC cpu
Burning residue ash
Burst forth spew
Can't stand abhor
Capital of Somalia mogadishu
Certain can opener tab
Certain syncopated tune rag
Chew like a rodent gnaw
Choreographer Cunningham merce
Clyde Barrow, e.g holdupman
Commerce pact acronym nafta
Conk out gokaput
Cozy home nest
Cut and paste edit
Deeply felt inner
DI doubled mii
Early jobs for Regis Philbin and Willard Scott nbcpages
Empties out drains
Exams for jrs psats
FDR employment project wpa
Feels 81 Down aches
Female lobsters hens
Film producer in ''Argo'' alanarkin
First of the first family adam
Five-star monogram dde
Folk singer at Woodstock baez
Folkloric misconception urbanmyth
Former MGM rival rko
Gazes upon staresat
Geese flight pattern vee
Grain husks bran
Green Gables girl anne
Hair-losing experience shave
Hotel staffers maids
In general asawhole
It means ''wrongly'' mis
Italian fashion center milan
Jet set destination riviera
Marquee time nite
Meat garnish aspic
Medical insurance cos hmos
Metaphor for intrigue web
Mideast carrier elal
Mitchell's belle ohara
Monologue deliverer emcee
More than capable adept
Most important main
Moves towards nears
My, to monsieurs mes
Name on four acting Oscars katharine
Naval fleet armada
Ne'er-do-well rogue
Needing liniment sore
Nettle peeve
Norman Rockwell's style realism
Occupational ending eer
One admired idol
Online lodging marketplace airbnb
Parts of tuxedos lapels
Pays for a hand antes
Piece of a book or branch leaf
Pinnacle zenith
Pinnacle acme
Plant pest aphid
Plywood layer veneer
Poetic pugilist ali
Polish-born composer fredericchopin
Polish-born cosmetics queen helenarubinstein
Polish-born movie moguls (all but Jack) warnerbrothers
Polish-born novelist isaacbashevissinger
Polish-born pianist/prime minister ignacypaderewski
Polished off ate
Pop artist Lichtenstein roy
Prefix for metric iso
Racer in goggles skier
Ready for harvesting ripe
Real puzzle poser
Rechargeable battery nicad
Rite place altar
Safe place haven
Schedule array slots
Scheduled hr. of leaving etd
Scratches up mars
See 20 Across nano
See 4 Down rent
Self-possession poise
Seminarian's subj rel
Set as a price asked
Shy away from avoid
Shy away from shun
Sicilia, per esempio isola
Sidekick pal
Small flies gnats
Snaky shape ess
Steven of action films seagal
Tablet image icon
Talked like aped
Tax-friendly set-up ira
Tempe sch asu
Thin in tone tinny
Timeline start yearone
Tip of a plane nose
Tolstoy title subject war
Top bond rating aaa
Train line rail
Undue speed haste
Unruly group mob
Urgent need exigency
Voice of Amazon alexa
Walk-on role bit
Washday removal grime
Whodunit plot element alibi
With 14 Down, jogger's music player ipod
With 5 Down, be behind, as a tenant owe
With frosting iced
World's biggest tire maker lego
Writer on the Gold Rush era bretharte
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