How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 03 2019

''Level'' effort best
'60s war zone nam
'80s PCs ibms
10th-century explorer erik
Absorb gradually osmose
Bach vocal work motet
Beehive, for instance updo
Bemoan rue
Break down gokaput
Bucks moolah
Bump hard into ram
Capital of Helsinki euro
Cask material oak
Common book-fair sponsor pta
Compass reading sse
Conclude filming wrap
Draws the line (at) balks
Employed used
Ensnared, in a way noosed
First place topspot
Fried-and-filled tortilla flauta
Gazes at ogles
German beer brand becks
Government funders taxbase
Greek peak olympus
Hendrix of rock fame jimi
Hieroglyphics reptile asp
Hit the jackpot won
Immovable fast
Intent aim
Invites out for asksto
Korean cuisine staple sesameoil
Land in the Seine ile
Layer of one-pound eggs emu
Least spirited deadest
Lodge inn
Long propeller oar
Loophole out
Make __ at (attempt) astab
Makes cherished endears
MLB semifinal nlcs
Multitude army
Name meaning ''star'' estelle
NFL playoff simulator provider espn
Nonspecific ordinal in math nth
Not much wanted* undesirable
Oppressor despot
Orchestra members oboists
Other than that else
Pie flavor* dutchapple
Pop favorites idols
Quartet within the answers to the starred clues middlemen
Reagan debater of '84 mondale
Recruiting poster pointer sam
Ringo's All-__ Band starr
Scammer in action liar
Scammer victim sap
Scuba need airpipe
Scuba need* oxygentank
See 59 Down url
Shade tree linden
Shakespearean suffix eth
Some Oklahoma natives otoes
Storage space for many attic
Stranger odder
Stress test readouts ekgs
Subject to strain try
System that varies tasks* jobrotation
Timetable list: Abbr stns
Turbocharge, with ''up'' soup
What some urns dispense tea
Where most live asia
With 62 Down, online address web
With no one around desolated
Woe, from the Yiddish tsuris
Wool coat wearer ewe
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