How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 03 2016

''Be quiet!'' SHH
''Buy now, pay later'' system CREDIT
''Residence'' breakfast potatoes HOMEFRIES
''Residence'' dairy food COTTAGECHEESE
''Residence'' salad topping RANCHDRESSING
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
Abound (with) TEEM
Adam and Eve home EDEN
Assist AID
Bagels or croissants ROLLS
British coins PENCE
Build, as a building ERECT
Caribbean, for instance SEA
Caterpillar's casing COCOON
Collision CRASH
Construction site machines CRANES
Crunchy Mexican food TACO
Curved line ARC
DC winter clock setting EST
Defeated BEATEN
Drain, as strength SAP
Egg on GOAD
Flow (from) EMANATE
Forbidden thing NONO
Fork tine PRONG
Frog cousin TOAD
Gourmet cook CHEF
Halo wearers ANGELS
High regard ESTEEM
Historical periods ERAS
Idealistic person DREAMER
In __ (well coordinated) SYNC
Intended MEANT
Is compelled HASTO
Joint near a foot ANKLE
Korea's continent ASIA
Lambs' fathers RAMS
Lima or garbanzo BEAN
Looked scornful SNEERED
Love seats' relatives SOFAS
Mahogany or maple TREE
Make a mistake ERR
Make simpler EASE
Makeup exam RETEST
Most massive LARGEST
Much too confident SMUG
Neither fish __ fowl NOR
Newspaper VIPs EDS
On the summit of ATOP
Otherwise ELSE
Path between seat rows AISLE
Perfect school grade APLUS
Performer's part ROLE
Performing a 14 Across ACTING
Physicians' org AMA
Poker hand starter ANTE
Rice Krispies sound CRACKLE
Rival of UCLA USC
Scratches up MARS
Secret stash HOARD
Semester TERM
Service charges FEES
Spider creation WEB
Statue of Liberty's light TORCH
Stew holder POT
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Texas city WACO
Top of a wave CREST
Tunnel's sound effect ECHO
Turnpike charges TOLLS
West Point team ARMY
Where astronauts return EARTH
Zodiac roarer LEO
__ Arabia (Mecca's country) SAUDI
__ Moines, IA DES
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