How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 31 2019

''Great Performances'' airer pbs
''Have a good day'' reply youtoo
''I'll do that for you'' allowme
''My package is here!'' itcame
''Of Mice and Men,'' e.g novella
''On the Road'' narrator sal
1939 Best Picture Oscar film (3:40+) gonewiththewind
1956 Best Picture Oscar nominee (3:40) thetencommandments
1962 Best Picture Oscar film (3:42+) lawrenceofarabia
1974 Best Picture Oscar film (3:20) thegodfatherpartii
1990 Best Picture Oscar film (3:01) danceswithwolves
A few some
Actor Wheaton wil
Add more branches expand
Admiration in verse ode
Admission of defeat ilost
Almost immediately inasec
Ancient Andean inca
Apple products giant motts
Arcade fixture videogame
Architect Saarinen eero
Assumed-name introducer aka
Auction grouping lot
Audacity nerve
Audition, for instance test
Bag on a bed duvet
Body for buoys sea
Boring tool auger
Brag boldly talkbig
Bring to __ (start bubbling) aboil
Brother of Sneezy doc
Brown shade beige
Burst, as of laughter peal
Capone-era weapon gat
City near Tahoe reno
City on the Missouri omaha
Civil War soldier reb
Clyde's partner in crime bonnie
Collegian's no gpa
Color-changing reptile chameleon
Company designation inc
Compass reading ese
Confessional music genre emopop
Conquistador's gold oro
Cumberbatch, in ''The Imitation Game'' turing
Cut in a lumber mill sawn
Czech or Croat slav
Datebook opening slot
Demand for the facts dontlie
Did tailoring sewed
Do tailoring stitch
Dog tag, for short ident
Drive-thru order togo
Edit emend
Edward heard in ''Up'' asner
Emergency supplies holder gobag
Empty-headed vapid
Energy Star org epa
Event list, briefly sked
External appearance guise
External appearance image
Fabric-dyeing technique batik
Film's raw footage dailies
Follows orders obeys
Four-time film role for Ford solo
French prep school lycee
Genesis floater ark
Geronimo or Cochise apache
Granola morsel oat
Greeting showing slight surprise ohhi
Guerrilla Guevara che
Heaven on earth eden
Hindrance to musicianship tinear
Hip-hop headwear dorag
Hot ''saison'' ete
How a teacher may mark mistakes inred
Ice mountains bergs
Informal turndown nah
Latter-day pals buds
Low-lying clouds fog
Makeup mishap smudge
Marshmallow-topped tubers yams
Mauna __ loa
MD's brain test eeg
Missile on a board dart
Most mature ripest
Most populous African city lagos
Musical buzzer kazoo
Must hasto
N. Mex. neighbor ariz
New Hampshire city keene
Noncommittal response maybe
Nose noise snore
Opinion introducer ireckon
Organic compound suffix ene
Oscar winner as Woolf kidman
Oven setting lowheat
Overamplified loud
Parisian pal ami
Party supply ice
Peanut goober
Poetic preposition ere
Poker break request dealmeout
Polynesian language samoan
Pump surcharge gastax
Real hoot scream
Repel, with ''off'' stave
Reporter's credential presspass
Retirement fund agcy ssa
Road material tar
Royal wand scepter
Sacred choral music motets
Salt-cured pork fatback
Seasonal fast-food sandwich mcrib
Settle accounts payup
Shade of socks ecru
Short-tailed weasels stoats
Simple binary choice aorb
Solemn pledges oaths
Some PD officers sgts
Sound of scissors snip
Sound of surprise gee
Speak one's piece opine
Spiny houseplant aloe
Statement of belief credo
Strike down, in the Bible smite
Suffix for stock ade
Super Bowl champ's prize ring
Supermodel Campbell naomi
Temporary rage fad
Tex-Mex condiment salsa
Texter's 79 Down omg
They're highly frowned upon nonos
Three-layer cookie oreo
Transform, in sci-fi morph
Two-dimensional measures areas
Very top acme
Very: Fr tres
Where some RNs work icu
Whispered call psst
Woman's fitted vest bodice
__ a part (audition) readfor
__ Cruces, NM las
__-do-well neer
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