How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 30 2006

''Farewell, François'' ADIEU
''It's not only my fault'' TAKESTWOTOTANGO
''Moving right __ . . .'' ALONG
''On Golden __'' POND
''The Longest Day'' author RYAN
-oid relative ISH
Affected, in a way ARTSY
Airport-counter name AVIS
All finished OVER
Annapolis athletes NAVY
Annie's dog SANDY
Ashen WAN
Be under the weather AIL
Besides ALSO
Blues singer Bonnie RAITT
Burn the surface of SEAR
Came down with GOT
Chicago mayor DALEY
Chimney coating SOOT
Commits a hockey infraction ICES
Compass pt. ENE
Coop residents HENS
Costa del __ SOL
Covered with water AWASH
Deli bread RYE
Didn't reveal SATON
Distribute by type ASSORT
Doesn't deal with TAPDANCESAROUND
Drain cleaners LYES
Eye part IRIS
Fairy-tale starter ONCE
Fancy party FETE
Flat land formation MESA
Gardener's tool RAKE
Granola bit OAT
Great reviews RAVES
Greek epic ILIAD
Have the courage DARE
Hit the hay RETIRE
Hits the brakes SLOWS
Interlock, as gears ENGAGE
Iron and Stone AGES
Israeli diplomat EBAN
Like a D.C. office OVAL
Looks good (with) GOES
Luau dance HULA
Makes changes in ALTERS
Making short work of WALTZINGTHROUGH
Marshy ground MORASS
Mild tiff SPAT
Milne creation ROO
National League stadium SHEA
New Deal power pgm. TVA
Nile biters ASPS
October birthstone OPAL
Online bidding mecca EBAY
Orthodontist's offering BRACES
Others: Lat. ALII
Outline SHAPE
Perseverance GRIT
Pie fruit APPLE
Polecat relatives FERRETS
Prepare the salad TOSS
Rallying cry SHOUT
Revered one IDOL
Right away SOON
See eye to eye AGREE
Soviet spacecraft SOYUZ
Statement reverser NOT
Stevenson character HYDE
Uncommon RARE
Unskilled laborers PEONS
Until UPTO
Upper edge BRIM
Without a goal AIMLESS
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