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Newsday.com Mar 27 2016

''American Buffalo'' playwright MAMET
''Back to the Future'' hero MARTY
''Goldfinger'' singer SHIRLEYBASSEY
''Greatest Show'' surname BAILEY
''Leave It to Beaver'' novelist BEVERLYCLEARY
''Love will find a way'' poet BYRON
''Ten Commandments'' transportation CAMELS
''The Highwayman'' poet NOYES
''The Lady Vanishes'' star MAYWHITTY
''__ Adventures in Wonderland'' ALICES
''__ Mia'' (15 Across tune) MAMMA
15 Across, e.g QUARTET
1993 Peace Nobelist MANDELA
Ancestor of ''D'oh!'' ALAS
Apparel ATTIRE
At an angle CANTED
Audition, for instance TEST
Bad, as butter RANCID
Ballet rail BARRE
Because of this, in legalese HEREAT
Before now AGO
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big name in eggs FABERGE
Brewery product ALE
Brides and grooms SPOUSES
British anthropologist MARYLEAKEY
Bunch of buffaloes HERD
Bygone bird MOA
Bylaw, for short REG
Casual shirts POLOS
Cautions CAVEATS
Celebrity biographer KITTYKELLEY
Cherbourg's region MANCHE
City north of Turin BERNE
Conditional release PAROLE
Dan Quayle successor ALGORE
Danced at Carnival, quite possibly SAMBAED
Diamond tactic BUNT
Disconcert FAZE
Diva's performance ARIA
Dollywood host PARTON
Drizzly WET
Durable hairdo PERM
Egg on SPUR
Eliot Ness nemesis ALCAPONE
Enticement metaphor CARROT
Epiphanic, as a moment AHA
Essence of some sushi ROE
Essence of some sushi EEL
Every other hurricane HER
Far from convinced LEERY
February birthstone AMETHYST
Forgoes food FASTS
Francisco's farewell ADIOS
Gondolas' routes CANALS
Groundbreaker HOE
Gymnast at the 1968 Olympics CATHYRIGBY
Had a conference PARLEYED
Half a figure eight ESS
Hands, so to speak MITTS
Havana's __ Castle MORRO
Hearty enjoyment ZEST
Hilary Swank biopic AMELIA
Hostile, as a crowd UGLY
Huckabee's home state ARKANSAS
Hungarian composer BARTOK
Isn't up to par AILS
Lager descriptor AMBERY
Leaping bug FLEA
Letters on tachs RPM
Measure off GAUGE
Member of the board EXEC
Mitigated EASED
Modest comment ITRY
Mooring places WHARFS
Motivations WHYS
Moves a bit STIRS
Multitude HORDE
Murkiness GLOOM
Mythical river STYX
Nautical course HEADING
NL West team ARI
Not overly vocal TERSE
Old photo tints SEPIAS
One of the environmental Three R's REUSE
Overture follower ACTONE
Pastel shade AQUA
Pedometer measure MILE
Peering pair EYES
People in general THEY
Permit LET
Persian ruler SHAH
Person in servitude THRALL
Pop singer superstar KATYPERRY
Present one's case ARGUE
Pressing URGENT
Prez on a penny ABE
Proofreading mark STET
Putin's 1980s employer KGB
Quarterback brothers' surname MANNING
Remarks SAYS
Rototiller part MOTOR
Sanctuary ASYLUM
Sandal part THONG
Sci-fi staple ALIEN
See 83 Down ALITTLE
Shade of yellow CANARY
Sheltered waters BAYS
Snapple competitor NESTEA
Speak to sharply BARKAT
Sporting sword EPEE
Square dance partners GALS
Square dance partners GUYS
Stewart's ''Daily Show'' successor NOAH
Storage rental UNIT
Swedish singing group ABBA
Take a crack __ ATIT
Talk nonstop YAP
Tapered tip SPIRE
Ten times CCV MML
Tenancy document LEASE
Tenth of a thou CNOTE
Term of endearment PETNAME
Tex-Mex fare CHILIES
Tex-Mex fare TAMALE
Throw off EMIT
Tolkien creature ELF
Two-fisted MANLY
Unconcern APATHY
Unimportant MERE
Up to now ASYET
Vague amount ANY
Victorian Era actress LILYLANGTRY
Visibly amazed AGAPE
Was a sub at the office TEMPED
Wee bit TAD
Whopper of a tale LIE
Winning streaks RUNS
With 82 Down, Sondheim revue MARRYME
__ plaid (woolen fabric) GLEN
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