How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 26 2019

''What's __ for me?'' init
''__ Misérables'' les
2 Down, to Eve son
Adam's first home eden
Air conditioner coolant freon
Aroma odor
Available from a keg ontap
Baby deer fawn
Bachelor of __ (kind of degree) arts
Back of the neck nape
Back to health cured
Beach shoes sandals
Boat in Genesis noahsark
Color of Santa's hat red
Common city park bird pigeon
Computer document identifier filename
Computer image dot pixel
Concludes ends
Courtroom activity trial
Deceive dupe
Disorderly piles heaps
Distress signal sos
Drenched wet
Earl Grey or pekoe tea
Early afternoon one
Eve's second child abel
Excursion trip
Fish eggs roe
Fork prong tine
Francis __ Key scott
French fellow monsieur
Guys men
Harvest season fall
Have coffee or a cocktail drink
Home purrer petcat
Kagan of the Supreme Court elena
Largest artery aorta
Lawn that's rolled out sod
Like a lot adore
Makes melancholy saddens
Minuscule amount iota
Money in Spain euro
Olden days yore
On the whole ingeneral
On the whole byandlarge
Opera solo aria
Plane without a pilot drone
Pork and beef meats
Prefix for freeze anti
Prohibited thing taboo
Pulverize, as pepper grind
Refuses to wont
Rural hotels inns
See 19 Across considered
See 57 Across tree
See eye to eye agree
Shine softly glow
Smooth out, as pants press
Smooths out, as pants irons
Soak-in-the-tub activity bath
Soaks (up) sops
Something left out omission
Street or lane road
Summer clock setting in L.A pdt
Telecast's sound audio
Top poker card ace
Vatican City surrounder rome
Warns alerts
Wear a hole in the carpet pace
Whistle sound toot
With 28 Down, on the whole allthings
With 63 Across, ''partridge in a'' place pear
Wood chopping tool axe
Writing tablets pads
__ ago (olden days) long
__ borealis (northern lights) aurora
__ the line (behaved) toed
__-do-well (rogue) neer
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