How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 25 2019

''My lips __ sealed!'' are
''Tall'' story tale
''Zip-__-Doo-Dah'' adee
After-tax net
Alias: Abbr aka
Animal with antlers deer
Anna's sister in ''Frozen'' elsa
ATM ID pin
Baseball glove mitt
Beauty parlor creation hairdo
Beauty parlor goo gel
Book's name title
Brag about winning gloat
British brew ale
Broad smile grin
Cap or derby hat
Chimney powder soot
Curved entryways arches
Deduce from clues infer
Didn't include omitted
Drags behind, as a trailer tows
Drink slowly sip
Eccentric offthewall
En route by car ontheroad
Erase, as computer files delete
Find a sum add
Firstborn of two elder
Fish's breathing organs gills
Gaining in popularity ontherise
Give a forecast predict
Gives off emits
Group of male 66 Across stags
Gullible person patsy
Hamsters and parakeets pets
Has soreness aches
Homer hitter's stat rbi
In favor of for
Initial poker chip ante
Long firearm rifle
Loosen, as a knot undo
Low in humidity dry
Male sibling, for short bro
Meal in a slow cooker stew
Minor untruth fib
Much-admired celebrities idols
Natural talent gift
NBC weekend comedy series snl
No longer obligated offthehook
Out __ limb (in danger) ona
Paris' Eiffel __ tower
Perform a role act
Pie __ mode ala
Piece of bacon strip
Point of __ (opinion) view
Precipitation in pellets hail
Road test turns lefts
Road's black surface tar
Roast-beef sandwich chain arbys
Row of people waiting line
Scottie dog, for one terrier
Shoe bottom sole
Small boys tykes
Small memento token
Smartphone download app
Somewhat alike similar
Soothing lotion additive aloe
Sounds of disapproval tsks
Soup scoop ladle
Steer clear of avoid
Submits, as a resignation tenders
Thief or swindler crook
Tool-storage building shed
Top for a jar lid
Two-speaker audio system stereo
Unwelcome clatter noise
Water around a castle moat
What a referee blows into whistle
What weightlifting builds muscles
Woes ills
__ Baba ali
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