How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 20 2016

''Fine by me!'' IAGREE
''In what manner?'' HOW
Across-and-down pattern CROSSWORDGRID
Adjectival ending ILE
Agile SPRY
Air-gun ammo BBS
ATM fee, for example BANKCHARGE
Author Rand AYN
Band booking GIG
Barely manage EKEOUT
Be dishonest with LIETO
Big name in elevators OTIS
Bit of cybermirth LOL
Blissful EDENIC
Blurted out SAID
Bogus offer SCAM
Broadcasts AIRS
Bucks and bulls MALES
Bullion, for instance METAL
Cameo shape OVAL
Catches some z's NAPS
Caught a glimpse of SPIED
Chews like a mouse GNAWS
Clever person WIT
Cloth measure YARD
Code-cracking org NSA
Colt's mom MARE
Combustible heap PYRE
Concrete chunk SLAB
Crouched STOOPED
Curmudgeonly CYNICAL
Custodian STEWARD
Dairy machine MILKER
Dance and drama ARTS
Defense secretary Carter ASH
Dire situation CRISIS
Disregard SKIP
Do some roadwork REPAVE
Doesn't go quietly RESISTS
Drama direction ENTER
Dugout array BATS
Dull sound THUD
Electrical surge SPIKE
End of the fourth qtr DEC
Entanglement SNARL
Fancy tie ASCOT
Finely contoured SLEEK
Fl. oz. fractions TSPS
Flooring specialist TILER
Forest female DOE
French states ETATS
GPS reading SSE
Green beans LIMAS
Grey Goose rival, for short STOLI
High-IQ club MENSA
His Library is at the U of T LBJ
Historical achievement RECORDBREAKER
Hobbyist's wood BALSA
Hoodwinked TOOKIN
Hoodwinks SNOWS
Ill-gotten gains SWAG
Ill-mannered COARSE
Impolite look LEER
In the course of ALONG
Insist upon DEMAND
It's not there MIRAGE
Kebob stick SKEWER
Kit Carson House town TAOS
Lager alternative PALEALE
Landscaping materials STONES
Large water pipes MAINS
LAX listings ETDS
Legendary archer TELL
Less original STALER
Loses moisture DRIES
Loses strength SAGS
Major player in international affairs WORLDPOWER
Makes tracks SPEEDS
Masthead title EDITOR
Mayonnaise ingredient LEMONJUICE
Mine extractions ORES
Moral principle ETHIC
Munitions ARMS
Muscle twitches SPASMS
Muscles worked in sit-ups ABS
Mushroom part STEM
Nautically BYSEA
Neighbor of French Indo-China SIAM
Nemesis ENEMY
NFL scores TDS
Oil Market Report producer OPEC
Oklahoma city ENID
On a lease RENTED
Overalls fabrics DENIMS
Overplay a part EMOTE
Pack __ (quit) ITIN
Person playing for pay PRO
Pick peppers, say REAP
Picnic playwright INGE
Piece of cake SLICE
Placed down LAID
Plays for time STALLS
Plops down SITS
Polite refusal NOSIR
Pothook shape ESS
Preceder of pool or port CAR
Printer brand EPSON
Promises to pay IOUS
Pupil's neighbor RETINA
Ready to pour ONTAP
Retail venue SALESOUTLET
Rosters LISTS
Royal chair THRONE
Run up a seam SEW
Sailed through ACED
Separates, in a way UNGLUES
Shills for, say ABETS
Short distance STEP
Shorthand user, for short STENO
Size up ASSESS
Slams on the brakes STOPSSHORT
Small canyon GORGE
Some Chaucer stories TALES
Somewhat ABIT
Sort of autocrat EMPEROR
Sound from a sheep BLEAT
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Sp. miss SRTA
Staple of Chinese cuisine PEAPODS
Swordfish servings STEAKS
Talk big BOAST
To a degree SOME
Toothpaste portion GLOB
Transpose SWAP
Tuckered out BEAT
TV psychologist DRPHIL
Unemotional STOLID
Unified ASONE
Unnerve RATTLE
USPS deliveries LTRS
Zap with a stun gun TASE
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