How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 17 2019

''Battle Hymn'' penner howe
''Green'' refreshment tea
''I agree'' yes
''Peachy!'' neato
''Porgy and Bess,'' for one opera
''Pygmalion'' penner shaw
''Seinfeld'' character elaine
''Star Wars'' sage obiwan
''What's __ for me?'' init
1-800-FLOWERS rival ftd
1560, on a cornerstone mdlx
Action-movie activity chase
Alabama's state nut pecan
All keyed up tense
Annoy no end eatat
Anticipatory time eve
Appetite whetter aroma
Arizona's state reptile ridgenosedrattlesnake
ATM input pin
Austere ascetic
Be flush with abut
Bear with cold porridge mama
Before now ago
Bestowal award
Boost, with ''up'' rev
Break in the action stop
Bright, as a solarium sunlit
Buck or boar male
Buddhist priest lama
Butter serving pat
California wine city lodi
Came up short failed
Cardinal point east
Chemical ending ide
Chili spiciness ''measure'' alarm
Churchill's ''so few'' raf
Color TV pioneer rca
Component of concrete cement
Computer holder, perhaps lap
Concession suffix aire
DC baseballers nats
Delaware's state colors colonialblueandbuff
Dinner holder plate
Do karaoke sing
Dog-training aids treats
Dues collector club
Election Day list slate
Emulating ala
Eventually became endedup
Fast-running bird emu
FDR and JFK dems
First Hebrew letter aleph
Fish story lie
Fitzgerald of jazz ella
Flock members ewes
Former old
Funny mistake howler
Gem from Australia opal
Geological periods eras
Go public with air
Granny nana
Habitual regular
Hamlet's ''horrendous'' rotten
Has loans out owes
Has the means to can
Heaviest noble gas radon
Heidi hangout alp
Horse-show judging criterion gait
Indecisive conclusion tie
Inverness gift shop souvenir nessie
Jackrabbits, really hares
Kentucky's state musical instrument appalachiandulcimer
Lawyers' employers firms
Leave speechless awe
Liquefies melts
List of answers key
Liver, for instance (with 85 Across) organ
Major party bash
Mariah of music carey
Mark up or down retag
Met, as a bet saw
Metrical tributes odes
Mother of Isaac sarah
National Humor Mo apr
New England hoopsters celts
Nintendo game system wii
Not worth debating moot
Oktoberfest vessel stein
Other than that else
Out of the loop unaware
Outplay beat
Outplayed bested
Part of REM eye
Pension-law acronym erisa
Pies, in many silents ammo
Place for a carnation lapel
Poetic sphere orb
Positive point asset
Practical purpose use
Prefix for motion loco
Probabilities odds
Purple bloom lilac
Residential sign tolet
See 86 Across meat
Set to rest allay
Sharapova of tennis maria
Sign of a sellout sro
Something played by a performer role
Sorghum or soybeans crop
Spruce's cousin fir
Stare at ogle
Stipulations ifs
Stock exchange signal bell
Stockholder's agent proxy
Strikingly unusual exotic
Superman's father jorel
Supports, with ''up'' shores
Tailor's implement shears
Tallest Monty Python member cleese
Teachers' org nea
Texas' state snack tortillachipsandsalsa
Title for Barry Gibb as of 2018 sir
Tour de France segment stage
Treat with milk oreo
Tropical porch lanai
Unspecified people ones
Use italics or boldface stress
Utopian edenic
Vein yields ores
Vessels at parties urns
Vessels at piers boats
Vietnamese New Year tet
Virtuosos aces
Welcoming sign enter
Wheel rods axles
Winter Olympics racer luger
Winter solvent deicer
Withdrew, with ''out'' opted
Word on every nickel trust
Worldwide global
Wyoming's state coin sacajaweagoldendollar
Yalie eli
Young fellow lad
[''Oh, no!''] gasp
__ U.S. Pat. Off reg
__-friendly (green) eco
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