How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 13 2019

''Peter Pan'' pirate smee
''This minute!'' now
''Uno'' doubled dos
''__ goes there?'' who
Affectionate embrace hug
Ballerina's attire tutu
Barely-passing grades dees
Baseball arbiter umpire
Big Mac ingredient cheese
Black-and-orange bird oriole
Briny expanses seas
British brew ale
Bullfighter torero
Captained led
Casting assignment role
Comic Schumer amy
Daytona 500 org nascar
Descend drop
Did an imitation of aped
Don't give an inch standonesground
Espionage org cia
Fabricated madeup
Fast-growing tree poplar
Fill with dismay sadden
First of a series opener
Flower stalk stem
Forest animals deer
French friend ami
Frequently, in verse oft
Fully cooked done
Get realistic comedowntoearth
Get rid of discard
Give off emit
Go wrong err
Grains in granola bars oats
High-end 6 Down products acuras
Hillary's maiden name rodham
Hosp. workplaces ors
Insect in a cocoon pupa
Japanese automaker honda
Junior, to Senior son
Lend a hand to aid
Look without blinking stare
Loses rigidity sags
Modest reply to ''Good work!'' itry
Money in Mexico dinero
Mornings, for short ams
Most Saudis arabs
Mr. Flintstone fred
Oz. and lb wts
Passover dinners seders
Periods of history eras
Prefix meaning ''one'' mono
Prepared, as leftovers warmed
Random criticism potshot
Rival of HBO sho
Ruby or scarlet red
Short operatic solo arietta
Smitten by, with ''of'' enamored
Speak utter
Spelling contest bee
Sporting swords epees
Spread gossip dishthedirt
Star pilots aces
Test drive, for instance trialrun
Thorny hybrid plant tearose
Thoroughbred's father sire
Thoroughbred's mother mare
Tubular pasta penne
Ultimatum ender else
Unexpected slowdown snag
USN noncom cpo
Vatican head pope
Verse writer poet
Voice of the iPhone siri
Was obligated to owed
Word-of-mouth oral
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